27 Jul 2013

Glico Pocky Mango Mousse Review

Here's another review of some fantastic Pocky, although this time they're from China rather than the usual Japanese Pocky I've featured. These were very kindly sent to me by the lovely @Banjo_Chocolate who obviously knows my tastes very well! I'm also really pleased to be able to give the Mousse range of Pocky a try. These Pocky Mousse feature a thick creamy coating that is double the thickness of a standard Pocky.

Immediately I can see just how generous the frosting on these Pocky is. They're perfect for those people that aren't impressed by the thin coatings on the usual Pocky sticks.

The thick mango frosting is absolutely delicious, it's just like a mango ice cream type flavour. Nicely fruity but sweet and creamy at the same time. They're great to eat in this hot weather too, quite light and no messy fingers at all. I highly recommend giving the Pocky Mousse a try if you find them (try your nearest Chinatown or Chinese grocery store). They're available in quite a few other flavours too, such as a Matcha Green Tea Mousse.

Thank you so much to @Banjo_Chocolate, for sending me the Pocky Mango Mousse. Please support the campaign to get Mars to bring back the much missed Banjo Chocolate bar - especially by liking the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page. Thank you :)

Grocery Gems Verdict: Pocky Mango Mousse

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Absolutely!
Nutrition: 130 calories per pack. 
Purchased: Available from many Chinese grocery shops.


  1. These look fantastic! I'm yet to try a Pocky product but your reviews are making me keen to get started.

    Great review :)

    1. Thank you! I have become a bit of a Pocky fan :)

  2. These sound so yummy! I'll keep an eye out for them in Chinatown - there's so many different flavoured crunchy biscuit sticks there it's hard to know what to choose from!


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