29 Jul 2013

Bahlsen Hit Fun Sticks Choco Review

A very quick review for these Balhsen Hit Fun Sticks Choco from Germany (but available in Tesco). They're simple finger shaped chocolate biscuits with a chocolate free holding part on one end. They remind me of a biscuit version of Pocky sticks! They're definitely a great way to keep eating chocolate during a heatwave (not that the hot weather stopped me!).

The biscuits look very different from a standard chocolate biscuit, I can imagine they would be a good shape for dunking in tea, but I haven't put that to the test yet. They're very simple in terms of flavour- wheaty vanilla based biscuits with a smooth milk chocolate filling. It's all very well done, the chocolate is creamy with caramel undertones, and the biscuit provides a lovely crunchy base. Great for kids to eat without getting any sticky fingers!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Bahlsen Hit Fun Sticks Choco

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - I like the resealable packaging too.
Nutrition (per 3 sticks)
145 calories. 

Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £1.00 (offer price) but it was a few weeks ago.


  1. Those biscuits are a genius idea, they're is not anything worse than holding a chocolate digestive and the chocolate melting on to your fingers. I'll have to look out for those, they look nice too. =)

    1. It really is such a simple idea but one that makes total sense. They are very tasty so I'm sure you'll enjoy them :)


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