12 Jul 2013

New Lindt Hello My Name Is... Range Review

I've wanted to try this Hello My Name Is range ever since I heard about it's release in Germany last year. When my husband presented me with all four bars from the range on my birthday last week, I was surprised to find out he had bought them from a local Sainsbury's and not an import store! It turns out that these bars have launched in the UK exclusively to Sainsbury's, at least for now. There are four varieties in the range; Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, Crunchy Nougat, and Caramel Brownie. They are available in different sizes but my review is focused on the 100g bars. These feature impressive packaging with cardboard outer sleeves and brightly coloured inner foil wrappings.
Once unwrapped, each bar has the same appearance, with hearts and kisses designs on the top of each segment. It's quite a flirty and fun appearance, and a very fitting one for the quirky Hello My Name Is range. Each bar features a thick milk chocolate outer layer with a different filling within. I'm not that familiar with the Lindt brand as a whole, but I was immediately impressed by the deliciously smooth and rich milk chocolate used in these bars. It's not too sweet, but has an extremely satisfying cocoa flavour. But what about the intriguing fillings?


From the outset the Caramel Brownie appeals to me, with it's description as a milk chocolate with caramel brownie filling.

The inner filling consists of a soft caramel on top of a brownie cream layer with dark biscuit pieces within. The caramel is luxuriously silky smooth with a rich buttery flavour. It perfectly compliments the chocolate layers and crunchy biscuit bits. An all round superb bar of chocolate, especially for caramel fans.

Grocery Gems Rating: 9 out of 10.
Nutrition: (per 100g) 549 calories.


I don't think I've ever had a strawberry cheesecake themed chocolate bar before, making this a very interesting proposition.

On first appearance the filling seems quite similar to the new Cadbury Strawberries & Creme bar (review here). However, those who found that bar far too sweet will be pleased to know that the Lindt Strawberry Cheesecake is a much more balanced affair. The strawberry comes through strongly with a lovely fresh fruity flavour, whilst the cheesecake element adds a slightly tart edge which helps to curb any excessive sweetness. There is some biscuit influence within the creamy filling too, making the whole flavour very reminiscent of a real strawberry cheesecake!

Grocery Gems Rating: 8 out of 10.
Nutrition: (per 100g) 549 calories.


I'm a big fan of Cookies & Cream chocolate combinations but it's very rare to find one done successfully. This Lindt Cookies & Cream shows all the rest how it should be done - it's simply fantastic and by far my favourite of the four bars.

Doesn't the filling just look fantastic? It's creamy centre is smooth and velvety, and a perfect backdrop for the crunchy chocolate cookie pieces. I love the pure cream flavour of the filling, it's absolutely heavenly. It's simply done but very effective in creating an ideal cookies & cream chocolate filling.

Grocery Gems Rating: 10 out of 10.
Nutrition: (per 100g) 565 calories.


I wasn't sure what to expect from this Crunchy Nougat bar. The picture on the front seems to depict a honeycomb type filling. However the description on the back is of a milk chocolate with nougat, hazelnut brittle and wafer pieces.

The filling is quite unusual, it's slightly creamy and soft but with crunchy brittle pieces throughout. I couldn't detect the wafer flavour wise but it does add a unique crispy texture to the filling. The flavour is mainly from the hazelnut brittle, providing a nutty caramelised experience. Fantastic for anyone who enjoys chocolate and hazelnut combinations.

Grocery Gems Rating: 8.5 out of 10.
Nutrition: (per 100g) 552 calories.

These bars also come in this smaller 39g format (above photo), which are very long and thin! Which flavour are you most excited to try first? 


  1. OMG, great review, these look brilliant! Caramel Brownie looks the nicest. How does the cookies and cream compare to Dairy Milk with Oreo bar?

    1. Thank you, and great question! The Dairy Milk with Oreo is one of my favourite chocolate bars and I was pleased to find that the Lindt version is VERY similar (hence my high score!). The centre is almost identical but the Lindt bar is a creamier with slightly less crunchy biscuit bits. The chocolate however, is noticably different. The Lindt chocolate has a richer flavour and is much less sweet than the Dairy Milk.

      I can't pick a favourite though - they're both delicious :)

  2. I picked these up yesterday and cannot wait to try them, they look so delicious , really enjoyed reading your review as always :)

    1. oooh let me know which one is your favourite...

      And thank you for a lovely comment as always! :)


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