12 Jul 2013

Dolmio Lasagne Sauces Review

A few months ago I was sent two ginormous bottles of Dolmio Tomato Sauce and Creamy Sauce for Lasagne to try. I held back on opening them until I happily realised that the sauce could be frozen - so I could use what was needed and freeze the rest in individual portions.

I have used these sauces to make lasagne many times before, and even though I'm perfectly capable of making a tomato sauce for pasta and a basic white sauce from scratch, I find the Dolmio versions create prefect results and are just so easy to use. I'd like to say I only use them on busy days when I don't have time to put together a proper meal, but the truth is I'm more likely to reach for the jars on days when I'm just too knackered to cook.

The Dolmio Creamy Sauce for Lasagne is always successful in creating a delicious lasagne that all the family can enjoy, and guarantees that they all go back for seconds! Both sauces are also extremely versatile and can be used to create many different pasta based meals.

The above photo shows what I think of as fast food - a pasta bake with anything you like added, and some Dolmio sauce on top to make it all taste delicious. It's a great way to use up all kinds of leftovers and takes no time at all to put together. To a large oven dish I added some par boiled fusili pasta, any veg I had going (in this case courgettes, red peppers, mushroom), then I added some chunkily cut sausages (that's what I had in the fridge but it could be chorizo or chicken), threw some black olives in, and covered the lot in the Dolmio Tomato Sauce for Lasagne. I then grated some cheese over the top and let the oven take care of it for 15 -20 minutes. Served with some salad, or crusty bread, it's a fast delicious family meal that's better than buying a ready meal or takeaway.

To make things even simpler, I also spotted this Dolmio Original Lasagne Kit in the supermarket recently for £2.00. It's a boxed kit similar in size to the Mexican dinner kits that are extremely popular. This Lasagne kit comes with the tomato sauce, creamy sauce and 9 pasta sheets needed to make a lasagne. Just add the mince and cheese.

I was sent the Dolmio Lasagne Sauces for an honest review and all views expressed are my own.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Dolmio Lasagne Sauces

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes, I always keep a few jars in the food cupboard.
Purchased: Available at any supermarket (although in a smaller size!).
Price: £1.98 (but often on half price or multibuy offers).

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  1. Used this tonight as in a rush but believe me won’t be making the same mistake again, cheap ingredients and inflated prices, thought Dolmio to be a trusted brand keep your modified starch and tasteless brand , will cost you in the end bye bye🤢🤮


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