19 Jul 2013

Limited Edition Crusha Apple & Blackcurrant

I've been waiting to see what the latest Limited Edition offering from Crusha would be. I loved the Vanilla Ice Cream from a few years back and also the Cherry & Vanilla from last year. Although this is purely due to the fact that I use Crusha in a rather unusual way and not for making milkshakes! See my post HERE for more details but basically Crusha works brilliantly to create flavoured colas and fizzy drinks. It's not as weird as it sounds, since Crusha is essentially a flavoured syrup and doesn't have any milk ingredients itself, it can work well add extra flavour to soft drinks. However, I only ever use it with diet drinks and I certainly wouldn't recommend adding more syrup to the full fat versions!

The latest Crusha variety this year is the Limited Edition Apple & Blackcurrant. It's surprising to note that there are no artificial flavourings in this drink because the flavour is very similar to that found in apple and blackcurrant sweets rather than any real fruit. The sugary flavour is dominated by the blackcurrant, with only a hint of the apple. I personally can't imagine this tasting good with milk, but since I never drink the stuff I can't really be the judge of that!

The Apple & Blackcurrant was enjoyable as a mixer for fizzy drinks, adding a little bit of extra sweetness and fruity flavour, but I doubt I would buy it again. Even though I only buy Crusha on rare occasions anyway, I'm still hoping the next one will again be vanilla based.

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