28 Jul 2013

Limited Edition Hi-Chew Golden Kiwi (Japanese)

I'm so excited today to be visiting Hyper Japan, a celebration of all things Japanese at Earl's Court in London this weekend. To celebrate here's the last of my recent offerings from the fantastic online Japanese store Oyatsu Cafe. This Limited Edition Hi-Chew Golden Kiwi, is a tube of individually wrapped soft chewy sweets, similar to something like Starburst (except much tastier!).

Hi-Chew is a Japanese sweet made by Morinaga that has been around since 1975 in it's current form, and one that is well known for it's unique chewy texture. It's origins stem from the 1930s with the desire to create a gum like candy that could be swallowed. There are now lots of flavours in the Hi-Chew range including Cola, Apple, Double Grape and Lemonade.

This limited release Golden Kiwi variety has the distinction of featuring realistic candy kiwi seeds for an authentic taste. They look fantastic and just like the little picture on the side of the packaging (seen above). The outer candy is yellow and infused with the black kiwi seeds, whilst the insides are a creamy white. The texture is like nothing I've ever had before in a candy, it's soft yet chewy at the same time. It starts out extremely gum-like, and lasts in the mouth for much longer than a regular chewy sweet. It's an unusual sensation at first but the candy eventurally starts to melt away. The kiwi flavour is completely delicious, very fruity and authentic, but still a strong candy flavour at the same time.

A very successful first experience of the Hi-Chew brand for me, and it's definitely one I'm hoping to try again. These Hi-Chew Golden Kiwi are currently on special offer at Oyatsu Cafe for $1.99 (usual price $2.99).

This product was very kindly sent to me by Oyatsu Cafe for review but all views are my own. 

Grocery Gems Review: Hi Chew Golden Kiwi

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'd try more from the range.
Price $1.99 (approx. £0.96).

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  1. Have fuuuuun in Hyper Japan! Hope you find loads of treats :D


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