24 Jul 2013

New York Bakery Co Recipe Book

I recently received a lovely parcel of bagels from the New York Bakery Co, which also included a copy of their free recipe book; "The Nation's Favourite Bagel Recipe Book: Start Spreading". This is a collection of recipes for fillings submitted by bagel fans across the UK. It features ideas for every meal from breakfast to dinner, and from savoury to sweet.

The recipe book is completely free to download from the New York Bakery Co Facebook page.

Some of the recipes include; classic fillings such as this 5th Avenue Fill-Up recipe, which uses pastrami, guerkins and red peppers to create a New York favourite.


Or for a meaty breakfast I love this Wakey Wakey recipe which uses ham, chorizo AND bacon, with some scrambled eggs in the middle.


Or keep it simple with a sweet bagel and a peanut butter and banana filling!

There are lots of bagels in the New York Bagel Co range, check out my review of their latest varieties HERE.

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