12 Dec 2012

Aldi Swiss Chocolate Bar Review

It's not new and it's not limited edition but this Aldi Choceur Swiss Chocolate Bar caught my eye on a recent visit to the discount supermarket. In the past I've overlooked this bar as being the same as a Toblerone. I'm sure most of us in the UK would associate a Swiss mountain bar with the famous pyramid shaped chocolate.  However since reading The Snack Review's Frey Chocobloc reviews, I could see that this Aldi Swiss Chocolate Bar is much more similar to the Frey Chocobloc.

Rather than having a peaked shape, the Aldi Choceur Swiss Chocolate Bar is flat and rectangular from the top with triangle shaped pieces. It looks just like the Frey Chocobloc and I just love this appearance and shape.

The Aldi Choceur Swiss Chocolate Bar is described as "Premium Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat". The milk chocolate is made with 34% minimum cocoa solids. It certainly has a lovely rich chocolate smell with honey undertones as soon as I unwrapped it. I wasn't sure what to expect from Aldi chocolate but I'm glad to say this was just as good as any Swiss chocolate I have tried, it has a rich nutty flavour and creamy texture which is delicious but quite sweet.

There are lots of nougat pieces, especially along the bottom of the bar. They have a lovely chewy but melt in the mouth texture. It doesn't stick to your teeth or give your jaw a workout. It adds an instant honey flavour and a sweet chewiness but then melts away, leaving the smooth chocolate notes to linger in your mouth.

The Choceur Swiss Chocolate Bar weighs in at 100g which is larger than most single bars of chocolate but smaller than a traditional Toblerone bar. It only costs 89p which I think is an absolute bargain. If you're a fan of Swiss chocolate then you have to give it a try. Seeing as the Frey Chocobloc is not available in the UK yet then this is a great alternative.

A few comparative photos of the Aldi Choceur Swiss Chocolate Bar next to the Frey Chocobloc Air (which is much smaller than the standard Chocobloc's and has extra holes!):

Aldi                                       Frey

As an aside, this is part of the Choceur range from Aldi. They also have a more "upmarket" range called Moser Roth and a kids range called Dairy Fine. What do you think of the chocolate ranges from Aldi? Let me know if you have any recommendations!


  1. Wow, the Aldi bar looks almost identical to the Frey one apart from the size. It wouldn't surprise me actually if it's made by Frey but under a different name, as some companies do that with supermarket brands. For example some of Tesco's own brand chocolate used to be made by Cadbury, I believe.

    Personally I really like the Choceur wholenut bar from Aldi.

    1. Interesting, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case as they look so similar and it's such an unusual shape!

      I'll definitely give the wholenut bar a try, thanks for the recommendation :)

  2. That looks spookily similar to me...minus the wrapper, they are practically identical.

    It even sounds, from your comments, like the taste is very similar to.

    I keep hearing such positive things about Aldi's chocolate, so I'm going to pop to Aldi tomorrow and check it out.

    1. It does look very similar doesn't it? I hope you can find this bar to try for yourself. I'd love to know if it tastes similar to the Frey Chocobloc Milk and I think you are the only one that can answer that!

  3. The best time to get Aldi confections is at Christmas, they really go all out with their selection. I like the Choceur truffles they do as well... much better than Lindt in my opinion.

    1. The ranges at Aldi do seem to come and go, I'm still missing the "Taste of America" range they earlier this year. Thank you for the heads up about Christmas, I will make sure to stock up on any interesting chocolates!

      Better than Lindt you say? The Choceur Truffles will be added to my shopping list!

  4. oooo I almost live next door to Aldi, I will have to go pick one of these up. Those 2 bars do look very similar! I agree, Aldi chocolate is really good. I particularly like Milk Mouse but I haven't seen those in a while, fingers crossed they will be back for Christmas.

  5. Got one of these today just because I saw it on the shelf in Aldi and I thought it would be their take on a Toblerone - I'd never heard of a Chocobloc before reading it here. My plan was to have a few chunks with my tea time cuppa over the course of 3 or 4 days. It is very easy to eat - not as strong tasting or as chewy as a Toblerone. I demolished the whole bar in one sitting. I will be buying more. I keep looking over at the empty packet hoping that I have accidentally left a chunk in there - but no.


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