13 Dec 2012

Kingsmill Fruit & Fibre Bagels Review

When I reviewed the new Kingsmill Fruit & Fibre bread a few months ago I was also keen to try the other products in the range, especially the bagels. They have proved extremely hard to find, but I finally spotted them in my local Iceland for £1 a pack (4 bagels).

These bagels are described as "bagels with delicious mixed fruit -they're a source of fibre and each bagel provides you with 50% of your daily wholegrain". The mixed fruit in this case is a combination of cranberries and raisins.The high fibre content comes from the mixture of wholemeal wheat and white flour used.

I kept it simple with these bagels and tried one lightly toasted with some butter (or rather some soya spread!). There was no fruity smell coming from these bagels, which I found surprising. There is also none of the usual fruity bread spices such as cinnamon added to these bagels, which makes them much more similar to a regular bagel.

The taste was akin to a wholemeal bagel but with added sweetness from the fruit. However, all the fruit pieces were quite small and I could almost forget I was eating a fruity bread, apart from the occasional sweet hit. I did enjoy these bagels and I would definitely buy more from this range but I would have preferred a bit more flavour to the fruit, especially the cranberries. The Kingsmill Fruit & Fibre Bagels are a good option for anyone who wants to try a sweet bagel but doesn't like the usual non savoury bagel option of cinnamon and raisin.

Nutritional Information (per bagel) :  225 calories, 8.3g protein, 43.2g carbohydrates (of which sugars 10.4g), 1.2g fat, 4.4g fibre, 0.29g sodium

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  1. I do like a good bagel but shockingly I have never tried a fruity one, I always tend to stick to onion or plain. I always think of a bagel as a sandwich type thing to have with cheese etc but these do actually sound nice, especially with cranberries.

  2. I often eat bagels without any filling, just toasted and buttered, although these sweet ones do taste very good with jam too ;)

  3. Just ate this with some cream cheese and was very sweet but very enjoyable. I am a fan of simple textures- a very fussy eater! I would recommend and will buy in future.

    1. Thank you for that suggestion - it sound delicious! I haven't bought these bagels in a while but I think I need some more now :-)


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