5 Dec 2012

Nintendo Super Mario Candy Canes

I don't think anyone has ever looked at a candy cane and thought "you know what would make that more festive? Some Super Mario characters". They look like the kind of product that would either be found in CyberCandy or... in Poundland. In reality I picked these up at the Selfridges Food Hall for £1.99 for ten candy canes.

The box is not the most colourful I've ever seen but it does have lots of Super Mario characters emblazoned across all the sides. Each Candy Cane is decorated with Mario, Luigi and Toads on the wrapping. They are fruit flavoured which seems to be quite popular with candy canes, no peppermint for the kids of today!

My kids are crazy for Nintendo and Super Mario so these are a fun product. They are not very festive, (shouldn't Mario and Luigi be wearing Santa hats?)  in fact there is no mention of Christmas on the box but I'll still be popping a few in their Christmas stockings! 


  1. I bought something very similar to these (although not super mario) last year for the kids, i think they were only 89p for a pack of 10 from Aldi! They came in very useful in the end as i decided to hide them in different places around the house with clues (like an easter egg hunt) which kept them busy while i got on with wrapping presents! hehe

    1. Love it - a candy cane hunt! That is such a cute idea Joanne! I'm going to have to borrow that one lol :)


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