16 Jan 2013

Mexican Dave's Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese Review

The new kid on the tortilla chip block, with a suitably attention grabbing name, is Mexican Dave. But just who is the mysterious Mexican Dave? Is he really a Mexican called Dave? And cue the obligatory enigmatic back story... The legend of Mexican Dave goes (stay with me here), that he was so relentlessly teased for the handlebar moustache he grew shortly before his ninth birthday, that he fought back by creating the finest tortillas in town, and become famous. His name also just happens to be a pun on that most inclusive of sporting traditions - the Mexican Wave. All very wacky and fun so far.

The packaging also features that new quirky on-trend must-have accessory - the moustache. When did that become a fashionable thing? These curly moustaches seem to be everywhere in the clothes/jewellery/home accessories markets, I suppose it was inevitable that someone would use them in the food industry.

So far so good, the packaging is cute and fun, but how about the actual tortilla chips? First off I only bought these in the first place because they have no added MSG, artificial colours or flavourings - unlike some of the major players in this market (Doritos I'm looking at you). The back of the packaging also says that Mexican Dave "only uses the best ingredients". Muchas, muchas gracias, Dave.

I'm not overly keen on cheesy tortilla chips, I prefer the plain salted type. However, in these matters, I am overruled by the men in my family, who demand cheesy nachos. Luckily for me the cheese flavour in these Mexican Dave tortilla chips is actually very well balanced, they are not overly salty or stinky (Doritos I'm looking at you again), but still strong enough to satisfy any cheese tortilla chip fan. I loved the texture of these too, they had a great crunch without being too hard or gritty. Overall these are excellent tortilla chips and I will certainly be looking out for them again. Mexican Dave tortilla chips come in three varieties; Nacho Cheese, Lightly Salted and Hot Chilli.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Mexican Dave Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

RATING: 8.5 out of 10
Buy them again?: Definitely.
Nutrition (per 100g):
484 calories, 6.1g protein, 61.4g carbohydrate (2.3g sugars), 24.3g fat.
Purchased: Local shop.
Price: £0.99p.


  1. Lovely, i do like sitting down to some good tv or a film with a big bowl of tortilla chips (i usually go for flavoured ones) and some salsa and garlic dips, sometimes a jar of sliced jalapenos too if i'm feeling adventurous!! lol

    Don't know what it is about Doritos but i never go for that brand! Cheaper supermarket own versions are just as good and for half the price too!

    1. Ah that sounds lovely! I need a movie night like that soon!
      I love jalapenos, but they have to be the non spicy ones which are harder to find. Lots of yummy dips is perfect too :)

      And I completely agree with you about Doritos, the supermarket brands, even the basics, have much better (simpler) ingredients and are just as tasty.

  2. Me encanta tener cosas nombradas después de mí. Voy a ir a comprar estos.

    (I love having things named after me. I'm going to go and buy these now.)

    1. I'm very impressed! Are you fluent in Spanish? You can be our Spanish Dave lol. I could understand what you had written but my Spanish is extremely rusty (which is shameful as I have Portuguese family).

      You definitely need to buy some of these "Mexican Dave" tortillas to serve up. I would jump at the chance to buy a product called "Katherine". I can't really see that happening though :-/

  3. I dabble. It isn't great though!

    I've spent ages trying to find "Katherine's *insert snack here*." Sadly you're right...it doesn't seem to exist. You've got a school named after you though...

    1. Ah wouldn't it have been fantastic if you had found a Katherine snack! I don't think it has a "snacky" enough ring to it. "Dave" on the other hand is obviously spot on! I'm intrigued by the school though, where is that??

      Rather sadly I used to collect books that had "Katherine" in the title - not the authors name - just the title.

  4. http://www.katherines.essex.sch.uk/kps/Home.html

    Katherines in Essex!

  5. Really Good Chips! No MSG, No Artificial colors or flavourings. There spot-on Dave!!


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