8 Jul 2014

Around the World MEXICO Part 2 - Hot Chilli Lollipops & Coconut Candy!

Following on from my review yesterday (see HERE), which featured the Futbol M&Ms and Eggnog filled football chocolates from Mexico, here's a few more of the Mexican goodies that my globetrotting older brother sent me. 

Takis Paleta Fuego: First up we have the frankly terrifying Paleta Fuego which translates (probably badly as it's via Google translate) as Fire Lolly. Takis seem to specialise in heavily spiced snacks and potato chips, and are most known for their rolled up fried corn chips in various spicy flavours (see here).

Inside the packet is a fiery red lollipop covered, and I mean COVERED, in a heat filled mixture of chilli, paprika and lime. And if that wasn't scary enough there's more of the hot powder waiting in the packet to dip lollipop in, you know, just in case you want even MORE spice. It's like a nightmare evil version of the Dip Dab sherbet lollipop dippers. I'll just call this one El Dip Diablo from now on.

Can you tell that I was a total wimp when it came to trying this? If I did video reviews then this one would be hilarious, featuring lots of coughing, watering eyes and the sound of uncontrollable crying. Okay, that's not completely true... not the crying part at least. Actually once I got past the strong chilli and paprika scent, that I swear smelt strong enough to burn away any sinus problems, I went straight in and took a bite out of the lollipop. I figured I needed to get straight to the sweetness of the lollipop to help combat the spicy coating. The lollipop itself was strangely sweet, it's described as caramel, but all I could taste was the sugariness. The rest of the flavour came from the Limón Ardiente (literally BURNING LIME) spice mix. It tasted like dipping a sweet lollipop into an enchilada recipe mix, and just as good as that sounds (i.e not good). There's lots of smokey paprika and strong chilli fighting for dominance, but on the plus side, I actually quite liked the zingy lime flavour here. 

Definitely one to bring home as a novelty gift for friends after a visit to Mexico :)

Cocoy Coconut Candy: Back to safer territory, and this Coconut Candy is really tasty. It's a simple cake made of dessicated coconut, sugar and milk. 

The texture is really soft and moist with a slight chew from the dessicated pieces. The coconut flavour is very natural tasting and sweet, I enjoyed mine with a good cup of coffee to take the edge of the sweetness. It reminds me of similar cakes I've had before in Portugal and Spain. Very delicious! 

Thanks to my big brother for sending me these Mexican goodies. I'm pleased to be finally able to add Mexico to my Around the World Challenge


  1. LOL at El Dib Diablo! The coconut cake sounds right up my street.

  2. Ha, that Takis thing looks crazy! That's a popular sort of candy flavoring in Mexico, I've tried something by 'Lucas' before that was just a sticky bit of tamarind candy covered in spicy powder. Certainly an acquired taste...Now the coconut cake is definitely something I could see trying myself!

    1. That sounds interesting too. I did notice that Mexican grocery stores in the UK (online ones) mainly stock spicy hot flavoured candy. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try any more!


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