10 Jul 2014

Cadbury Thank You Chocolates

Summer is nearly here and with it the end of the school year and the annual dilemma of how to show appreciation for those special teachers and support staff. Cadbury is bringing a touch of joy to parents and teachers across the country as the end of term approaches. They shared a survey* which shows that 73% of Mums and Dads have less than an hour to spend on finding a gift, with teachers across the country despairing at the thought of another mug. Cadbury has come to the rescue with it's lovely Thank You box, which it describes as the ultimate chocolate greeting card. 

I've been gifted one of these boxes myself in the past and I have to say they were very well received! The flower shaped treats are all hazelnut praline centres encased in a smooth Cadbury chocolates. Hazelnut and chocolate is always a winning combination in my opinion and it works well in these simple little chocs. The flower shaped box makes a lovely little gift, especially if combined with a handmade card too.

Another survey Cadbury shared with me makes for interesting reading.  UK parents admit to giving a host of random gifts from orange wigs to tin openers and even a pet fish. A cheeky one in five parents also admitted to recycling abandoned presents. When asked what they would most like to receive as a gift to say thank you, parents picked their top three as: 1.Chocolates, 2. Flowers, 3. Handmade Gift. Much more sensible suggestions! 

Cadbury Thank You boxes are available at £3.99 for 180g or £1.49 for 48g. They can be found at www.cadbury.co.uk and from all major supermarkets. 

*Research surveys conducted by OnePoll amongst 2000 adults, 13th June 2014.

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