29 Jul 2014

Lidl Sol & Mar Range - Chorizo Pizza... and Churros!

I often get lured to visit Lidl when I hear about their latest themed special offers, and I certainly couldn't resist when I saw that this week features Spanish & Portuguese products. From several varieties of chorizo to Spanish Manchego cheese, I was quite impressed by the range, but surprisingly enough it was in the frozen section that I picked up the most. I don't usually buy ready made pizzas, having a bread maker at home it's easy enough to make my own, but this Chorizo Pizza looked interesting and for only 99p it's a real bargain too.

Before Cooking
I was impressed by the amount of toppings on the pizza, it's not overloaded, but it's a generous enough amount for a pizza of this medium size. 

After Cooking
Usually I wouldn't bother blogging about a 99p pizza that I happened to pick up, but this one was so delicious that I really had to feature it here. The base is very thin but extremely tasty. The combinations of toppings might seem fairly simple; chorizo, olives, onions, green peppers, but the whole thing is packed with gorgeous Spanish flavours. Even my kids, who are usually fussy about pizza toppings, ate everything without even picking off a single onion. I'll definitely be heading back to Lidl to stock up on a few more!

Here's a few of the other items that I picked up from the Sol & Mar frozen section, although I haven't tried these yet (all were 99p). Patatas Bravas - fried potatoes in a seasoned breadcrumb coating.

Caprichos Ibéricos - mini Spanish Croquettes with Iberian Ham and these are actually made in Spain too.

Of course I was most excited about this large bag of ready made Churros! The ingredients list here is wonderfully simple; water, wheat flour and salt. These need to be fried or deep fried, so not the healthiest, but we're saving them for a family birthday next week. I can't wait to give them a try with extra cinnamon sugar and a dark chocolate dip!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Lidl Chorizo Pizza

Rating: 8 out of 10
Purchased: Lidl
Price: £0.99p


  1. Ahh, I was so tempted by this range but never made it to Lidl. That pizza looks absolutely delicious and it's nice to see a new flavour combo. Ive missed out here.

  2. We tasted the Capricos Ibericos and they were soo delicious!
    I do hope they will have them again some time!

  3. I tried the orange sorbet as I'd loved the lemon version when I visited Spain. I'm afraid the orange version was nowhere near as good.


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