29 Jul 2014

Lidl Sol & Mar Range - Chorizo Pizza... and Churros!

I often get lured to visit Lidl when I hear about their latest themed special offers, and I certainly couldn't resist when I saw that this week features Spanish & Portuguese products. From several varieties of chorizo to Spanish Manchego cheese, I was quite impressed by the range, but surprisingly enough it was in the frozen section that I picked up the most. I don't usually buy ready made pizzas, having a bread maker at home it's easy enough to make my own, but this Chorizo Pizza looked interesting and for only 99p it's a real bargain too.

Before Cooking
I was impressed by the amount of toppings on the pizza, it's not overloaded, but it's a generous enough amount for a pizza of this medium size. 

After Cooking
Usually I wouldn't bother blogging about a 99p pizza that I happened to pick up, but this one was so delicious that I really had to feature it here. The base is very thin but extremely tasty. The combinations of toppings might seem fairly simple; chorizo, olives, onions, green peppers, but the whole thing is packed with gorgeous Spanish flavours. Even my kids, who are usually fussy about pizza toppings, ate everything without even picking off a single onion. I'll definitely be heading back to Lidl to stock up on a few more!

Here's a few of the other items that I picked up from the Sol & Mar frozen section, although I haven't tried these yet (all were 99p). Patatas Bravas - fried potatoes in a seasoned breadcrumb coating.

Caprichos Ibéricos - mini Spanish Croquettes with Iberian Ham and these are actually made in Spain too.

Of course I was most excited about this large bag of ready made Churros! The ingredients list here is wonderfully simple; water, wheat flour and salt. These need to be fried or deep fried, so not the healthiest, but we're saving them for a family birthday next week. I can't wait to give them a try with extra cinnamon sugar and a dark chocolate dip!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Lidl Chorizo Pizza

Rating: 8 out of 10
Purchased: Lidl
Price: £0.99p


  1. Ahh, I was so tempted by this range but never made it to Lidl. That pizza looks absolutely delicious and it's nice to see a new flavour combo. Ive missed out here.

  2. We tasted the Capricos Ibericos and they were soo delicious!
    I do hope they will have them again some time!

  3. I tried the orange sorbet as I'd loved the lemon version when I visited Spain. I'm afraid the orange version was nowhere near as good.

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  5. I tried both this pizza and Sol Y Mar Chorizo. The Pizza was chewy and rubbery, no flavour at all. The Chorizo was made mostly of cartilages (no joke, huge stripes of hard cartilages) and lard and, obviously red colouring, it was impossible to eat, not even cooked was acceptable. I binned it. DISGUSTING. No wonder why lidl can't sell their products. Whoever produces this does not eat it.


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