26 Jul 2012

12 Mini Medals Ice Creams (Sainsbury's)

Finally the sun has come out! For a while there it looked like most of the athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games would be performing under torrential rain and constant grey skies. This pack of 12 Mini Medals from Sainsbury's is an absolutely perfect way to celebrate both the good weather and the upcoming sporting events. What better way to celebrate the athletic prowess and physical fitness of others then sitting down with some ice cream?

Obviously these are not an officially licensed product and make no mention of the O word whatsoever. In fact these have been around for a few months now and I decided to buy them as they are on special offer for £2.50 at the moment.

I was pleasantly surprised by just how bright the metallic colours of these lollies actually were. There are four each of the Gold, Silver and Bronze coloured lollies in the pack. Of course everyone wanted to try the Gold ones first so they disappeared quite quickly! These reminded me of the recent Magnum Gold in terms of the colour coating the chocolate. It is definitely a gold colour not just yellow! The silver and bronze lollies are also bright and metallic looking. They are very well done for an own-brand product and much better than I was expecting.

However don't expect these to taste the same as a mini Magnum. These are quite different but still very good. The chocolate coating is thinner than on a Magnum but that is not a bad thing for me. The chocolate was still great tasting. The inner ice cream is a decent vanilla ice cream, similar to what you may get in a large tub.

I also like the fact that these are mini sized as they don't leave you feeling queasy or over full. They are perfect for a quick cold treat and with only 134 calories per lolly they are not going to break the calorie bank!

They look great and taste very good too. I'm sure these will be selling out fast this week so grab them while you can. What do you think of the Mini Medals ice creams?


  1. Wow, I love the colour of the shells. I wouldn't have expected them to look so metallic from the packaging. Great find!

  2. The colour really makes these doesn't it. Very well done by Sainsbury's!

  3. First came Magnum Gold Ice Cream 2012 and this year 2014 is the silver version came to Sweden with taste of real champange. Both are limited edition.
    I hope the Bronze version are coming soon.


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