7 Jul 2012

Tracker Strawberry cereal bar

I haven't bought Tracker cereal bars for many years but I liked the look of this new Strawberry variety. The mulipack box contains 8 bars for £1 which is very good value. The flavour is definitely good, they have a nice combination of crumbly bits on top whilst being quite soft and chewy in the middle. The strawberry flavour is very strong but not too sweet. There are pieces of strawberry sprinkled on top of the cereal bar which add to the chewiness and flavour.

The bars are quite small once they are out of the wrapper. They have 118 calories each and 4.8grams of fat which is quite a lot considering their size. The ingredients are not great, I was caught up by the "No" tick box of virtues on the front (which says no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives) and assumed they would be relatively healthy. However they contain hydrogenated vegetable fat which is probably one of the worst fats for your heart. I won't be buying these again for this reason, there are so many cereal bars out there with better ingredients and less calories.

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