3 Jul 2012

Vice Versas Chocolates: They're Back!

I barely know where to start this post or how to contain my excitement. That is the power of new (or in this case, old) chocolate on me! Vice Versas were originally introduced in 1991 and I certainly went through a phase of eating them quite a bit. They had a great and simple gimmick. White coating on the outside = milk chocolate inside. Brown coating on the outside = white chocolate inside. I have no idea why these were discontinued but thanks to popular demand and the awesome Facebook campaign "Bring Back Vice Versas" they are back!

Should these even have the word "NEW" on the packaging, shouldn't it be "OLD" instead? There is a little asterix above the word new which leads to the description "*New recipe and packaging". Oh dear, I don't think fans will want a new recipe, they want the old recipe!

Also, for some bizarre reason these new Vice Versas are only available in Toys R Us, but I'm sure it can't be long before they get a wider release. I bought this 126g bag for £1.59. I can't say my shopping experience in Toys R Us was a good one, in fact it was a nightmare. It took me almost 45 minutes to make it through the lone open checkout and there were hoards of complaining customers, but there was no way I was leaving without my bag of Vice Versas!

Once I opened the bag I saw that the Vice Versas are quite big, larger than Smarties. The brown ones looked lighter in colour then I remembered. Inside they have a creamy white chocolate centre. It has a very strong vanilla flavour to it which is just how I like my white chocolate. The sugary crunch of the outer coating stops the inner chocolate from melting in your mouth as it should. Just like Smarties or Minstrels you have to munch your way through these chocolates rather then savouring the chocolate. Unless of course you have the patience or inclination to bite off the crisp shell first!

The white Vice Versas have of course got a milk chocolate centre. This is much darker than I remember and there is a subtle cocoa flavour to the chocolate. There is no vanilla flavour in these and overall the taste is quite bland. It is sugary and sweet and the crisp shell coating provides the dominant flavour. It's just like a big uncolourful Smartie.

I have to admit that I was still charmed by these chocolates, it's like welcoming back an old friend. I'm already regretting that I only bought one bag. Unfortunately this will mean another trip to Toys R Us!

Let me know if you have tried the new Vice Versas and how they compare to the old ones. I love hearing all your comments. : )

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  1. Seriously considering going to Toys R Us just to buy a bag of these now.

    Just trying to weigh up whether or not it's worth it bearing in mind i'l look a little weird!


  3. Hi, Gymmonster. Thanks for letting me know, this means no more hideous trips to Toys R US!!

    I hope you enjoyed them, did they taste the same as you remember?

  4. I'm not sure whether to bother getting these as they seem more about the nostalgia factor than anything else. I used to enjoy them years ago, but Nestle have cheapened all their chocolate recipes over the last few years and I have trouble stomaching most of it.
    Sorry to be such a grump!

  5. Hi PC, Don't worry you're not being a grump! These are definitely about the nostalgia factor rather than the taste! I do think they are quite bland so I can't see them being back for long.

    I can completely understand why you're reluctant to get them. If you do try them, let me know what you think of the taste. :)

  6. The taste is completely different! Not the same at all!

  7. Definitely changed.. kids today are missing out with all the changes to sweets.. i know its prov the bad stuff they are taking out but have you tried Um Bungo recently?? Awful! And riciciles!!

  8. Tried these over the weekend with 3 friends. All of us thought they weren't as good as we remember. Won't be getting them again.


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