4 Jul 2012

Rachel's Organic New Fat Free Yogurts

Earlier this year Rachel's Organic launched three new flavours in their Fat Free range of bio-live yogurts. Rachel's Organic sent me a lovely parcel of goodies to try and I was very excited to see this range included. The unique flavours, Peach and Passionfruit, Strawberry and Rhubarb, and Blackcurrant, all sounded delicious and I couldn't wait to try them. Their Fat Free Vanilla yogurt is already a family staple in my house.

Fat Free yogurts can often be full of nasty artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, but these yogurts from Rachel's Oranic all feature pure organic ingredients and probiotic cultures only.

The Fat Free Peach & Passion Fruit variety was the first one I wanted to try. It tasted so creamy it's hard to believe this is a low-fat yogurt! The taste of peach was divine but the real revelation was the passion fruit. It is so pure and fresh tasting. There is just the perfect amount of peach pieces in the yogurt too. I love peach yogurts anyway but this combination with passion is quite different and one I will definitely be buying again.

The ingredients are: organic fat free yogurt, organic sugar, organic peach (2%), organic passion fruit juice (1.6%), organic rice starch, natural flavouring.

The Fat Free Blackcurrant variety was my husband's favourite. He really enjoys something a bit different and this has a taste all of it's own. Blackcurrant is quite an unusual flavour for a yogurt but it works really well here. The colour of the yogurt is a deep purple and the sweet smell of blackcurrants hits you as soon as the tub is open. The flavour is very fruity and sweet. There is lots of yummy fruit and happily there are no annoying seeds to spoil the texture.

This yogurt also makes great ice lollies, simply pour the yogurt into ice lolly moulds and leave to freeze overnight, no other ingredients required! My kids loved the sweet blackcurrant flavour and bright colour of these lollies, and I love that it is a healthy treat for them.

The ingredients are: organic fat free yogurt, organic sugar, organic blackcurrant (5%), natural flavouring.

Last of the three is the Fat Free Strawberry & Rhubarb. I adore the flavour of rhubarb (usually when it's in a crumble pudding!) so I was very excited to try this flavour. Once again the yogurt is wonderfully creamy, with the perfect amount of fruit. The rhubarb is the dominant flavour, and is quite tart but the strawberry adds a lovely sweetness. It is such an interesting combination of flavours and one that I cannot wait to try again.

My children also enjoyed the taste of all these yogurts, especially the blackcurrant, and have finally moved onto yogurts with fruity lumps which they wouldn't try before. And knowing the ingredients are organic is a fabulous bonus. Since they come in large 450g pots, it's great that all the family can enjoy and share them.

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