16 Jul 2012

Aero Boci Strawberry

There are some unusual chocolate bars hiding on the shelves or your local newsagents or small grocery store. I like this video called 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars 001 from @chocitout because it highlights some of the gems out there. It was on this video that I first saw this strawberry Aero bar (or is that Boci?), which originates from Hungary.

I couldn't quite believe it when I found this very chocolate bar in a local corner shop for 69p. Why had I never noticed this before?! The packaging looks very distinctive with it's green fields and blue skies. I love the picture with the strawberries and pink bubbles too, it's all so girly.

Inside the bar looks just like a regular Aero Bubble bar, with 7 large segments. It has a sweet strawberry smell which struck me as soon as I took off the wrapper. The bubbly chocolate inside each segment was a very satisfying pale pink colour which I just loved.

The strawberry flavour is actually not that strong or overpowering. It's quite a delicate sweet milky strawberry flavour. It's different to the usual strawberry taste you get from selection box chocolates. I enjoyed this bar a lot, but it was probably because of the pink colour and the cute wrapper. No one else in my family liked this chocolate bar at all, they all thought it was horrible. Oh well, more for me!

Let me know if you have spotted any unusual chocolate in your local shops.


  1. This is the first proper review and dissection of the Boci Aero Strawberry that I have seen on the internet, so for that I salute you!

    Yeah I didn't much mind the flavour either, despite usually avoiding strawberry flavoured stuff because of its sickly nature.

    I've bought a couple more of these since I did the 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars vid, I just have a feeling that they won't be around much longer; after this little frenzy dies down. Only time will tell I guess, but in your own words - it is a little gem!

    1. Thanks so much for that video, it really opened my eyes to a hidden world of chocs. I plan on eating my way through all ten!

      So far I've found the Kit Kat Hazelnut Cream, Peanut Lion Bar and the Boci Aero Strawberry. I've already tried and hated Hershey's, so that just leaves 6 more. Which was your favourite out of the ten?

      Let me know if you find anymore interesting foreign chocolates!

    2. It's a pleasure! It's always nice to share new finds with like-minded people and get the lowdown on what they think.

      Great to hear you're getting through the list - the main sticking point for many (including me now!) seems to be the Rolo Sticks; can't get them for love nor money and no one in Germany seems to have done a full review of them. They're not as good as Rolo biscuits imo but a great expansion of the brand all the same.

      As for a favourite...well perhaps I'd go for the Kinder Maxi King. That was a nice, pleasant surprise of a treat. Crunchy, stubbly surface, with a soft, spongey layer beneath followed by a centre of oozing milky chocolate. My senses really took a hit that I wasn't expecting :)

      Well, I'm thinking of doing a 10 Foreign Chocolate Bars part 2, after not being able to cover all of them in the first vid (it would have been too long). I can give you a heads-up on a couple of them before I upload it if you like?!

    3. That's a real shame about the Rolo Sticks, I was looking out for them today when I went to a Sam 99p store but no luck.

      I did however manage to get myself a Snickers Cruncher, so I'm very happy about that. Will let the hubby give that one a taste test. Now up to 5 out of 10 from the list!

      It's funny you mention the Kinder Maxi King because that's the one I really want to try. There are still quite a few Polish shops that I haven't visited so I'm hopeful of finding it soon.

      10 Foreign Chocolate Bars part 2 sounds like a great idea to me. Really look forward to that. Any heads-up on chocolate is always very gratefully received! :)

    4. Yes, the Maxi King should be in at least a couple of the Polish shops, so hopefully it won't be too long before you get your hands on it :) Your half-way point on the list is truly commendable and I will definitely let you know when I get close to completing part 2...!

  2. Yesterday I managed to get my hands on a Lion Peanut, a Lion White and some weird chocolate from Kinder and Ferrero which i'd never seen before. One of the Kinder chocolates comes with a spoon...odd to say the least!

    I went into the only Polish shop I know in Norwich, and left empty handed (shame- the Strawberry Aero looks cool!)Bad times.

    1. Ok, I need to know about this Kinder chocolate with a spoon, I'm intrigued!! Can't wait to see your reviews of those.

      I have to admit I haven't looked in my local Polish shops yet, but I will be soon. I found the Aero Strawberry in a small local shop which comes under the Premier Stores brand. It also had the Hazelnut Cream Kit Kat. Check the website www.premier-stores.co.uk and see if you have one near you, it's been a revelation!

  3. I wasn't too keen on this bar myself, although it made a pleasant change I suppose. A couple of years back there was a dark chocolate orange Boci Aero available, though I only saw it the once. That was much nicer.

    1. I can completely see why the strawberry Aero Boci wouldn't be for everyone, most of my family didn't like it.

      The dark chocolate orange sounds interesting, I've never heard of that one!


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