12 Jul 2012

Mr. Men & Little Miss Chocolate Characters and Lollipops (Tesco Exclusive)

I love the Mr. Men... I know I've mentioned this fact many times before! No wonder then that I adore this selection box of white & milk chocolate Mr. Men & Little Miss characters. It's part of a wider range of Mr. Men themed products exclusive to Tesco.

In the box you get 12 Mr.Men shaped chocolates. There are 6 different characters featured and you get 2 of each of these, one made of milk chocolate and one made of white chocolate. The characters are Mr Happy, Mr Strong, Mr Greedy (of course!), Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Scatterbrain. The chocolates are quite detailed and look just like the classic characters.

The chocolate itself is quite tasty too. The milk chocolates have a minimum of 30% cocoa solids. They are not as sweet and cloying as some cheaper chocolate out there.  My children loved them and were absolutely delighted with these chocolates! At only £1.00 for the box they are great value and make a wonderful gift.

I also bought this 4 pack of Mr. Men & Little Miss chocolate lollies, which feature the characters Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump, Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Chatterbox. There really is something for everyone. The foil wrappings are very cheerful and would brighten up any child's day. The chocolate is similar to the chocolate above, again with a minimum 30% cocoa solid content.



The only negative point is that they do not have the Mr. Men on the actual chocolate lollipop, it is quite plain with a stripy pattern. My children were expecting it to look like the character featured on the wrapping! Despite this, they would make great party bag fillers. I hope that Tesco continues to add products to this great range.

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  1. Mouth-watering and welcoming!

    University of Nigeria

  2. cant I also get these in America?


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