31 Jul 2012

New Haribo Games Mix

Haribo are one of those ranges that seem to come out with new editions constantly. It's February? Here, have some new heart shaped Haribo. It's Easter? Here's some egg and/or bunny shaped Haribo. It's time for a football tournament? Have some football shaped Haribo. A sporting event which gives out gold medals but which cannot be named if you are not an official sponsor? Here's some Gold Medal Haribo. Brilliant stuff.

Not content with the Gold Medal Haribo alone, there are two further Haribo sweet mixes themed around this summer's sporting events. These are the Games Mix and the Fizzlecles Mix. I bought the Haribo Games Mix which is a selection of sporting shapes in some classic Haribo fruity flavours.

The sweets feature actual sporting apparatus such as yachts, bikes, footballs and shuttlecocks but also the Haribo Bear indulging in some weightlifting and running. All very cute and perfectly themed. The Haribo Fizzlecles mix has the same shapes but with a fizzy sugar coating.

I wonder what Haribo will come up with next?

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