17 Jul 2012

London 2012 Caramel Shortcakes

Let's all ignore the headline's about bungled security contracts and focus on what is really important... merchandise. A few weeks ago I wrote about the London 2012 Mini Cupcakes with their cute Olympic Mascot themed cases but strange so-called "compound topping".  I still couldn't resist buying the other product from this London 2012 bakery range, the pack of 9 Caramel Shortcakes.

This time the theme imprinted onto each square cake is the infamous London 2012 logo (remember the outcry when that was first revealed!). The cakes are very small, each one is about 2cm in width, which makes them great for kids or for a bite-sized treat. These cakes are obviously modelled on millionaire's shortbread, which usually has a biscuit base, caramel filling and is topped off with a thick layer of chocolate. These are not the best tasting millionaire's shortbread I have ever had by a long shot. The chocolate is quite thin, the caramel is more of a fudge and the biscuit base is quite bland. Having said that, they were still perfectly fine with a cup of tea.

The best thing about them is undoubtedly the way they look, I loved the design on the chocolate. Any child (or adult!) with Olympic fever would love to tuck into these cakes and because they are so small it is easy to tuck into a whole pack in one go, especially when shared with the family.

I bought these cakes in Tesco for £1 for the pack of 9. They also come in a rather fetching London 2012 tin which contains 24 of these cakes for £4.50.

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