20 Jul 2012

M&M's Mega Post: Coconut, Peanut Butter, Pretzel and Mint

I promised a post on the M&M's part of my CyberCandy haul and here it is! My lovely family bought me this huge bunch of goodies which included four different flavours of US M&M's, Pretzel, Mint, Coconut and Peanut Butter.

Pretzel M&M's. The Pretzel variety is the newest release out of this bunch. I've always admired Americans for their love of sweet and savoury combinations. Bacon pancakes covered in syrup? - yes please! So you can see why I would find these Pretzel M&M's very appealing. I was actually surprised by just how pretzely they were. There is a massive chunk of crunchy pretzel in the centre which dominates the whole flavour. The first bite is a bit odd but after that I decided that I absolutely loved them! Hubby wasn't as sure but he still managed to eat most of the pack.

Mint Dark Chocolate M&M's. I love the bright colours of the Mint variety, they are all different shades of green which really suits the flavour. The flavour is exactly what you would want from a mint M&M - sweetly minty but with a refreshing kick. The chocolate centre may be called a "dark chocolate" but it doesn't have the intense flavour of a dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter M&M's. I love these Peanut Butter M&M's as the flavours are just so American and different from the usual chocolates we get in the UK. They come in bright primary colours and taste just as you would expect. The chocolate in the centre is quite pale in colour and the peanut butter is definitely the dominant flavour. I love the fact that the peanut butter is slightly salty and combines with the chocolate to create a great tasting treat. My kids liked these a lot too, but then they are partial to the odd peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches!

Coconut M&M's. I've saved my favourite for last, the awesome Coconut M&M's. They come in three colours; white, brown and green, which just suit the coconut flavour perfectly. A few of them are even stamped with a little beach umbrella or palm tree image alongside the usual "M". Some people might be disappointed that these do not contain any real coconut pieces but I like the fact that the coconut flavour is not overpowering. It's still unmistakably coconut but in a subtle and sweet way.

Let me know if you have tried any of these flavours and what you thought of them. :)

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  1. I buy huge bags of peanut butter M&M's in supply. After my sister came back from New York. She visited M&M world and brought me back a mixed variety. Peanut butter was my favourite! I wish they would sell those here!

    1. What a lovely sister! I think I need a relative to permanantly move to the US just so they can send me stuff!

      Thanks so much for your comment because you've reminded me that there is an M&M World in London (Leicester Square). I don't think it will be as good as the ones in the US (of course) but I can feel a trip to Central London is in order :)

  2. As you know from Twitter, I ordered some bits from Cyber Candy after seeing your blog posts. I got some Pretzel M&M, some Coconut ones and some Peanut Butter ones.

    I thought the Pretzel ones were OK, these are more the Hubby's cup of tea so he ate most of those. We both liked Peanut ones which I thought were quite similar to Reese's Pieces. Hubby doesn't like coconut so I was left the whole bag of those ones to myself (shame!) and absolutely loved them! I am obsessed with anything coconut so will be getting hold of more of these!

    Not a massive fan of mint so probably wouldn't try the mint ones. Do you remember the Crispy M&Ms? I haven't seen those in years! They were awesome.

  3. Hannah, I thought they'd stopped the Crispy M&M's completely, but happened to be in my local Premier Stores shop (looking for the Aero Boci funnily enough!) and saw them for sale in there.

    No idea how Premier Stores work though- unlike some chain newsagents/convenience shops, they all seem to sell totally different things!

  4. Hannah - I've bought the Crispy M&M's fairly recently too, they were in Tesco's. Thanks for reminding me about those, I need to get another pack!

    They are still listed on Tesco online, so hopefully you can find some. http://www.tesco.com/groceries/Product/Details/?id=268672761

    Snack Review - did you find the Aero Boci?

  5. None of my Premier Stores had the Aero Boci...then Marcus from Choc It Out! sent me an email out of the blue telling me that he has picked one up for me from his local shop!

    How kind is that?!

    It arrived yesterday in the post and i'l have a review soon- what a top bloke Marcus is though!

    1. That is so sweet, and I don't mean the chocolate! I wouldn't even be aware of most of these chocolates if it wasn't for Marcus @chociout so he's definitely a star! Can't wait to hear what you think of the Aero Boci.

      I think I'm just lucky to live in London, there are so many shops to look in, I'm spoilt for choice. I haven't had to try too hard but it seems to be quite random. Here's where I found them (5 out of 10) so far:

      Peanut Lion Bar - A local newsagent
      Snickers Cruncher - A different local newsagent
      Kit Kat Hazelnut Creme - A Turkish grocery store (but I've also seen it in the Premier Store)
      Hershey's chocolate - most newsagents
      Aero Boci - I've seen it in two shops, the Turkish store and the Premier store.

      I'm keeping my eyes peeled everywhere I go now :)

  6. Thanks guys, I will have a look for those M&Ms, I thought they had gone too so that's a bit of a result if they are still about. I have a cupboard full of chocolate now...you guys are a bad influence lol

  7. I found a garden centre near me today that has an American Food section. Managed to pick up some more coconut M&Ms and also noticed that they had Raspberry M&Ms! I didn't buy them though as they only had a large bag and wanted £4.99 for the pleasure! They were also selling Fruit Loops for £6.99 a box! They obviously haven't realised that you can now get them in Tesco!

  8. Hi Hannah, I would never have thought of a garden centre for American Food! I'm jealous... again!

    I've only ever seen the Raspberry M&Ms on the CyberCandy website but they always seem to be out of stock. They are very hard to find! That price is ridiculous even if it is a large bag, I'd rather buy a small bag first anyway just in case they are horrible!

    BTW what did you think of the Fruit Loops from Tesco, have you tried them?

    Katherine :)

  9. I still haven't tried the Fruit Loops, to be honest I forgot I had them in the cupboard so thank you for reminding me! I shall make it my mission to try them tomorrow!


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