10 Jul 2012

New Chocolatey Cheerios

I won my first Facebook competition a few weeks ago (along with 1000 other people!). What was the prize? A box of new Chocolatey Cheerios. I would have snapped these up as soon as they hit the shelves of the supermarket so I was very happy with this win!

Strangely enough my kids are not the hugest fans of chocolate cereals. They always prefer Rice Krispies to Coco Pops. For some reason they don't really like the milk going chocolatey. One of the few chocolate cereals that they really do like are Wheetos. These are little rings of chocolate cereal and are obviously very similar to these new Chocolatey Cheerios. I was interested to see how these two cereals would compare and if my kids would enjoy it.

These Chocolately Cheerios have a very generous amount of chocolate. As soon as I opened the box the smell of chocolate was very strong. The individual cereals are the same size as regular Cheerios, which are much smaller than Wheetos.

Cheerios                         Wheetos

My children both enjoyed the Chocolatey Cheerios especially my eldest son - he asks for a bowl as soon as he gets up in the morning! They have a great chocolate taste without being too sweet and the milk does turn a nice chocolate colour. My youngest son still prefers to eat them without milk, just as a little snack. Anyone who likes Cheerios or chocolate cereals will absolutely love these new Chocolatey Cheerios.

I hope Cheerios continue to bring us new varieties, I'd love to see more of the more interesting flavours from the US such as Dulce-de-Leche or Peanut Butter!

Have you tried the new Chocolatey Cheerios? Let me know what you thought!


  1. I also eat cereal out of the box, can't stand milk! Haven't tried these yet and I really need to get my hands on some of the Peanut Butter flavour, that would be AMAZING!

    1. It's the best way to eat cereal isn't it! I like to tell myself it's a healthy snack...

      I would definitely eat the Peanut Butter ones straight out of the box :)

  2. I need the Peanut Butter variety. Not even the import stores seem to stock it. FML.

    There seems to be some kind of banana and nut version too which sounds decent.

    1. Some of the US stores do the Reese's Peanut Butter cereal but it doesn't look half as good.

      Banana & Nut sounds delicious too, I could totally go for that!

  3. Just bought this from my local Waitrose. I thought it was very good and a lot tastier than Coco Pops.

    1. I totally agree, I don't really like Coco Pops. These new Cheerios are chocolately but don't lose all their flavour in the milk!


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