24 Jun 2014

Colman's Mustard Limited Edition Vintage Jars

Colman's is celebrating it's 200th anniversary with three limited edition vintage jars. The range was created in 1814 by Jeremiah Colman in his factory in Norwich and gained the Royal seal of approval from Queen Victoria in 1866. The new jars have been inspired by the iconic vintage adverts that were used by Colman's throughout it's past two centuries as one of Britains best loved brands. They feature unique designs and slogans from some of it's classic advertising campaigns, which have been put to great use to celebrate their staggering longevity. 

I was a bit confused when I saw this polar bear on the label, it's not entirely obviously what a polar bear has to do with mustard, but there really is a charming story behind it. The polar bear image signifies the medicinal properties that were traditionally associated with mustard, from relieving tooth-ache to curing colds! 

The "Meat needs Mustard" advert however doesn't need any explanation, it simply conveys the historic link between Colman's mustard and meat. Even without any illustrations, this label immediately makes me think of a roast beef Sunday lunch! I can't eat one without a bit of mustard on the side (or in the gravy!).

I think these celebratory jars are a very fitting tribute to mark the 200th anniversary of Colman's. They also appeal to my love of quirky vintage adverts and memorabilia and make such a lovely little collectors item for this family favourite brand. 

The jars will be available from May 2013 in all retailers with RRPs of £0.99p (100g) and £1.59p (170g).

PR Samples. 


  1. I love these illustrations! I wish more brands would do this. Great spot.

    1. I really like all the retro illustrations too. I'd love Coca Cola to do some old fashioned labels!

  2. These are so gorgeous! I would love to see these on my kitchen top.


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