21 Jun 2014

German Grocery Exchange Part 3 - World Cup Edition!

I've been lucky enough to take part in two previous Grocery Exchanges with Steffi, a lovely reader from Germany. We basically send each other a surprise selection of new and limited edition snacks from our own countries. Take a look at our original Grocery Exchange last year HERE, and also our Easter themed Grocery Exchange earlier this year HERE. It's been such a brilliant experience that I was thrilled when Steffi suggested a World Cup edition of our Grocery Exchange. As you will see in this post Germany has certainly come up trumps when it comes to releasing new snacks for the World Cup. The selection is fantastic! Take a quick look at all the delicious chocolates and sweets I received - full reviews of all these will follow soon.

Milka Champiolada Coconut: Apparently Milka always releases the Champiolada for big football tournaments. It has a wonderful design with each segment featuring a raised football. This year the limited edition Milka Champiolada is coconut flavoured! It's a delicious alpine milk chocolate with "knusprigen kokosraspeln", toasted shredded coconut. If you've read my blog before (coconut alert!) then you'll know how delighted I was to find this bar in the parcel. It's absolutely huge at 300g, but believe me, it will not last long! 

Haribo Fan Gums Brazil: These are tropical flavoured football shaped gummy sweets in the three colours of the Brazilian flag. They have slightly soft centres and come in blueberry-coconut, mandarin, passion fruit, and lime-watermelon flavours. These are just so much fun! I wish Haribo would release these types of products in the UK - there is nothing like this here. The Brazilian themed sweets I've seen in the UK have been so boring in comparison! I'm so grateful to Steffi that I got the chance to try these - and of course my kids have been enjoying them too!

Haribo Pasta-Flagga: How cool are these! I mentioned in a previous review that I'm a bit of a flag geek and Steffi very thoughtfully included these Haribo sweets in the colours of the German national flag. These sour candies strips can be pulled apart and are blackcurrant flavoured. My son has asked me if he can take them into school for his next German lesson! 

Haribo Cherry Happy Cola with a Liquid Filling: OMG!! Steffi had previously sent me the Happy Cola with Liquid Filling (see HERE) which not only did I absolutely love, but has also been one of my most popular reviews ever. Now there is a limited edition CHERRY COLA version! I think I actually squealed when I saw this in the parcel. Thank you Steffi!! They taste amazing too - full review coming soon.

Ferrero Duplo Whole Milk Coconut: I love these little chocolate sticks, they're a bit like a Ferrero Rocher in a chocolate bar format - and now there's a coconut version! These are so delicious, little chocolate pieces of heaven. I practically inhaled two of these Duplo bars in a row and it was hard to stop myself from just eating the whole box!

Yogurette Brazilian Summer White & Lime: These are white chocolate sticks (they look a bit similar to the Ferrero Duplo above) filled with a lime yogurt cream. Yogurette is very popular in Germany and usually comes with a strawberry yogurt filling inside. Lime is such an underused flavour for chocolate, and I love that it's been paired with sweet white chocolate and tangy yogurt for this Brazil theme. 

Fritt WM-Pack: Lots of German flag themed goodies! On the left you can see the Fritt WM-Pack which contains three packs of chewy sweets in Blackcurrant, Cherry and Lemon flavours. WM stands for Welmeistershaft which means World Cup in German. Fritt sweets have been around for a long time in Germany but the blackcurrant flavour is new for this World Cup special edition pack. I can't wait to try these! There is also a pack of Klatschstangen (top right) which are blow up airsticks, otherwise known as "bang bang sticks" or "cheering sticks". Do we get these in the UK at sporting events? I've never really seen them before but the kids are keen to get them ready for the match tonight! 

Niedregger Marzipan German Flag Edition: This is such a great idea too, individual blocks of flavoured Niedregger Marzipan in the colours of the German flag. It's so simple but so effective. The flavours sound great too; Bittersweet Chocolate Covered Marzipan, Bittersweet Chocolate Covered Espresso, and Milk Chocolate with Rum Croquant. Yum! I'll enjoy these sweet bites, perfectly paired, with a strong cup of coffee. 

Usually at this point I would show you all what British snacks I have sent out to Steffi, but I haven't sent it yet so I don't want to spoil the surprises for her! Once it's sent I will put UPDATED in the title of this post. I'll be honest, I'm struggling to find decent World Cup themed goodies here in the UK, it's all main meals and food, rather than snacks. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! But anyway, I think we can all agree that the parcel Steffi sent me was EPIC and I'm absolutely thrilled all the products! 

A massive thank you to Steffi for sending me all these awesome snacks, and also for all the detailed information about each product which was invaluable too. THANK YOU!!

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