11 Jun 2014

Knorr Jäger Schnitzel - German Recipe Mix (Monster Sweets)

A few weeks ago I received this recipe mix for Jäger-Schnitzel from the lovely people at Monster Sweets. They currently stock four different German recipe mixes; Currywurst, Gulash, Crispy Wiener-Schnitzel and this Jäger Schnitzel. I decided to give the Jäger-Schnitzel, a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce for meat, a try tonight as I had most of the ingredients required. It simply needs pork or turkey steaks, mushrooms and water to create a quick family meal.

The main flavourings in this recipe mix are smoked bacon, parsley, onions, and paprika. As I mixed the contents of the sachet with 250ml of cold water, the combination of herbs and smoky bacon was certainly very inviting.

The meal was super easy to make. I just lightly pan fried the meat, then removed and set aside. Next the sliced mushrooms were also pan fried and then joined by the Jäger Schnitzel sachet that I had mixed with water. Once that had started to boil I returned the cooked meat to the pan and allowed the whole lot to cook together for a few minutes. 

I served the Jäger Schnitzels with mash and oven roasted broccoli. I didn't realise until afterwards that the packet recommends serving with fries! Anyway, it tasted really good regardless and the whole family enjoyed it. The sauce added a smoky, yet sweet, bacon flavour with a creamy edge from the mushrooms. I do like these types of recipe mixes as they are such an easy way to try out new recipe and meal ideas. I often try out new meals using these recipe mixes first, and then once I know the family like them, it's simple enough to recreate the recipes from scratch. They're also just handy to keep in the cupboard for days when a meal with minimum effort is required!  

Take a look at Monsters Sweets online to view their full range of US and European groceries, chocolates and sweets.

Product sent for an honest review. 


  1. Delicious :) We get the Indian and Chinese version of these here in India

    1. Thanks Mona! I like the idea of the Indian and Chinese versions :)

  2. Your meal looks better than the one pictured on the sachet! :) And Currywurst? I didn't even know we had a Maggi Fix for that!


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