2 Oct 2012

KP Nutty Nibbles: Hobnob's & Chocolate Mix

I bought these KP Nutty Nibbles from Waitrose where they are currently on offer for 99p a bag. I got suckered in by the word "new" on the packaging but it turns out that this snack was actually released last year. I'm not sure why they are still producing them with "new" on the packaging or how many years it takes before a product is officially "old"? Being around for a year does not seem to count anyway. Regardless, I'm still pleased to have been introduced to this snack, it's extremely moreish and delicious.

It comes in the ubiquitous "grab bag" formation so beloved of snack producers. It seems that we are a nation of snack-sharing junkies. It comes in a 130g bag which actually seemed quite small to me, but then I was sharing them with the hubby! They are quite calorific, with 548 calories per 100g. There is a huge paragraph of ingredients and also the classic nonsensical disclaimer at the bottom, "May Contain Nuts". Seriously? I think anyone with a nut allergy might get a clue from the name "Nutty Nibbles".

There are three snacking elements in these Nutty Nibbles; Honey Roast Peanuts, Biscuit Pieces and Milk Chocolate Chunks. The peanuts are the same KP Honey Roasted Peanuts which will be familiar to most people. They have a sweet crunchy coating which makes them less salty then normal peanuts. The Biscuit Pieces are mini Hobnobs, very simple but tasty oaty biscuits. Then finally there are little chunks of good milk chocolate. We all know that chocolate tastes fantastic with biscuits. We also know that chocolate and peanuts are a match made in heaven. Putting all three (peanuts, chocolate and biscuit) together in one snack bag is just genius. It's like a dissected Snickers bar that gets to be reassembled in your mouth, except with extra Hobnobs. It's a gorgeous combination of peanutty, chocolately, biscuity delicousness which was nibbled all too soon.


  1. I have never seen these but I know hubby will love them so I will look out for them. I may have to pick out chocolate and the honey roasted peanuts for myself though!

    I know what you mean about old products still saying new, I thought the soup that I reviewed the other day was new as it said so on the packet but apparently it came out last year!

    1. I think your husband will enjoy these. My hubby was not convinced when I first bought them but he ended up loving them.

      The whole "new" thing keeps happening to me, but there are too many products out there to keep up with all of them! I had never seen that soup you reviewed so it was new to me too!

  2. I'm glad you clarified that these have been out before- I thought I remembered eating some last Christmas and then thought I must be going mad.

    They're delicious and definitely addictive.

    And I laughed out loud at the 'may contain nuts' comment. Sometimes I think the world has gone, to make the obvious pun, nuts.

    1. And lol at your "the world is nuts" pun too!


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