30 Oct 2012

Review Cadbury Crispello Double Choc

Firstly a massive thank you to the fabulous blogger The Review Addict who very kindly sent me a Crispello to review. It seems my Cadbury's delivery was lost in the post, and by lost I mean no doubt eaten by my postman. Thank you Hannah!

Crispello is the first new* counterline brand that Cadbury's have launched in 15 years. It has caused much excitement amongst chocolate fans but has also attracted a fair bit of criticism along the way. The Crispello is targeted specifically at women as a lower-calorie way to enjoy chocolate with it's three individual pieces made of wafer and a creamy chocolate filling. Some media commentators have been expressing their disdain over this marketing at women, especially this article in The Telegraph; "Why Cadbury's Chocolate for women leaves a nasty taste".

I personally don't have a problem with this chocolate being marketed at women on a lower calorie platform. It's not exactly a secret that many women count calories or watch their weight and there are far more patronising products around than this chocolate. In fact marketing lower calorie chocolate at women has been done plenty of times before. Remember the Twix Fino and it's "Deliciously Light" tagline. Or how about the Mars Delight with it's lower calories than a regular Mars bar. Or even the Flyte chocolate bar with it's "Taste the Chocolate, Skip some fat!" tagline. I think the biggest problem for Cadbury's is that apart from the latter chocolate bar all the rest of these lower calorie chocolates have been consigned to the chocolate bins of history. I can only assume that they were not all that popular with women.

I will reserve further judgement on Crispello's marketing until I have actually seen some advertising. So far Cadbury's has created some great buzz around this product but as far as I'm aware it's hasn't even hit the shop shelves yet. (If you are trying to find it apparently Boots and smaller independent shops are your best best).

So what about the Crispello itself? The packaging is quite simple but has that rather lovely purple Cadbury's colour. Inside the reclosable wrapping there are three separate pieces of chocolate. Even though these chocolates are made with wafer they seem surprisingly robust. The three pieces are a decent size and altogether you get 30g of chocolate, which is still quite a bit smaller than the recently downsized 45g Cadbury's Dairy Milk.  
The chocolate pieces look quite plain and lacking in any Cadbury's logo or detailing. However I liked the shape of them with their little flat platform on the bottom, they look like little treasure chests! Each piece contains 55 calories, which makes the full Crispello 165 calories in total. For comparison a four finger Kit Kat has 233 calories and a small Dairy Milk bar has 239 calories.

Each piece is made up of a "milk chocolate flavoured cream" centre, with a wafer covering and a chocolate coating to finish. As soon as I opened the wrapper the sweet chocolate smell was very strong. However the actual chocolate coating is quite thin. The creamy centre is full of lovely Cadbury's chocolate which will not disappoint anyone. It certainly doesn't feel like a lower calorie chocolate from the taste of the filling. The overall chocolate flavour is tempered by the outer wafer layers. They add a lovely crispy texture which is very reminiscent of a Kinder Bueno bar or even a Kit Kat. 

The taste is very good and even though the individual pieces are supposed to make saving a piece for later a possibility, I found myself finishing all three pieces quite quickly (with a little help from my two boys who are on half term!). I can imagine buying a Crispello again, although I'll admit to being one of those women that didn't buy "counterline" chocolates very often (before I started this blog of course!!). It's always great to see a new* product from Cadbury's and the fact that it has lower calories is surely a good thing. (*Yes I do know about the Milka Crispello!).

Thank you again to Hannah The Review Addict for sending me this bar and please be sure to check out her fab review of the Crispello here

 Nutritional Information (per 10g piece): 55 calories, 0.7g protein, 5.1g carbohydrate, 4.1g sugar, 3.6g fat, 1.8g saturates, 0.2g fibre, 0.02g salt. Suitable for vegetarians. Bar size is 30g.


  1. I'm so glad that it arrived OK. I completely forgot about the Twix Fino, I used to really like those. I much prefer the Crispello though and hopefully the one that Cadbury promised you will still turn up


  2. It's funny how many of these lower calorie bars are made using wafers, the Twix Fino was wafer instead of biscuit, it must be a good way to bulk out the higher calorie ingredients.

    Thanks again Hannah!


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