9 Oct 2012

Patak's Bengali Coconut Stir Fry Sauce

It's National Curry Week (8-14 October) and in celebration here's a lovely new way to enjoy a curry. I love cooking Indian food, but it can sometimes take too long, especially on weeknights. I usually keep a few Patak's jars in the cupboard for making quick chicken based Indian meals. They certainly cut down on the amount of time spent on preparing the meal and they still taste great. I was instantly drawn to the new Patak's range of Indian Stir Fries because the flavours sounded absolutely delicious. There are three varieties; Bengali Coconut (mild), Punjabi 5 Spice (medium) and Goan Hot & Sour (hot). If you've read my blog before then you won't be surprised to read that I went for the Bengali Coconut variety for my first try, I love coconut flavours!
The idea behind these Indian Stir Fries is to take the flavours of India and use them to create a quick and easy stir fry dish. I often cook Chinese stir fries at home so this is something that really appeals to me. With this new Patak's stir fry range you simply stir fry some chicken and fresh vegetables and then add the sauce. Completely simple and fool proof. The instructions on the back of the pack suggested using chicken and red peppers to create the Bengali Coconut stir fry but it would be easy enough to adapt to whatever meat, fish or vegetable combination you want to use. I used the suggested chicken and peppers but also added some chick peas simply because I love the taste of chick peas in Indian food. I served the stir fry with buttery basmati rice, a few naan breads and a good dollop of natural yogurt.

The Bengali Coconut sauce is described as "mild" and with a "subtle taste". I loved the taste of the creamy coconut and the delicate spices. This is a flavour that the whole family can enjoy as it is not too spicy or hot, it was thoroughly enjoyed by both my kids. I will definitely be buying this again, it is great for those busy midweek days. They are currently on offer in Sainbury's for only £1.00 each and I've already bought the Punjabi 5 Spices to try.

The sachets come in 140g packs and are perfect for a meal for two. The ingredients in the Bengali Coconut Stir Fry are; Coconut Cream (36%), Water, Sugar, Tomato Puree (5%), Pineapple Crushed (5%), Pineapple Juice, Citric acid, Chinese Rice Vinegar (3.5%), Minced Chilli Paste (3.5%), Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Red Onion (3%), Modified Maize Starch, Light Soy Sauce (2%), Ginger Puree, Vegetable Oil. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this range. How will you be celebrating National Curry Week? :)

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  1. Hi Katherine

    I really like the sound of the Bengali Coconut (no surprise there).

    I will be celebrating National Curry Week at my favourite Bangladeshi/Indian restaurant where we pretty much go most weekends! You can't beat a good Chicken Rogan!


  2. That sounds delicious Hannah. I'd love to read a review of that restaurant's Chicken Rogan, yum! :)


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