16 Oct 2012

LOL Drinks Review

Ah the smiley face, beloved by children everywhere. All of the drinks in the LOL range feature bright and colourful smiley faces and have funky names such as Razz Bri (apple and raspberry), O Ranj (apple and orange) and B Current (apple and blackcurrant). These drinks are quite popular in Australia already and have recently been launched in the UK by.... Heinz. Yup, the baked beans people.

LOL drinks may have a fun look but they also contain one portion of fruit in each can. They are made up of 75% fruit juice mixed with 25% carbonated water. So it's essentially fizzy fruit juice! There are no hidden nasties, just one of your ‘five a day’. I also love the fact that there is no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no added colours and no caffeine in these drinks.

Both the LOL O Ranj and B Current tasted great, they were a hit with the kids and the adults alike. They had a natural fruity flavour with a lovely fizz. They are refreshing rather than overly sweet. The kids really enjoyed being allowed to have their own can of fizzy drink. (I took a photo of the drinks in a glass to show the colours but kids will just want the funky can to drink out of!).

It's great to be able to let your kids have a fun, tasty drink, which also provides one of their five a day, knowing that it actually contains real fruit. Of course it's not a drink for everyday and at 99p a can it's more of a "premium" canned drink for an occasional treat.

LOL drinks are currently on offer at Asda for 50p each and they are definitely worth a try. I know I will be buying them again and I can't wait to try the Razz Bri. Whatever you think of the smiley faces and the bad spelling most kids will love them. If my eldest son designed his own drink it would look identical to this! But maybe with added Pacmans and Space Invaders.


  1. These look great! I was expecting them to be standard fizzy drinks packed with chemicals and other nasties, so this is a really nice suprise. I'll have to try and track them down!

  2. Hi Flipmode,
    It is surprising isn't it? It looks too fun to be healthy! I've only ever seen these in Asda so try there first!

  3. Wow, sugar free, fizzy and natural fruit juice, from Heinz? Added to my shopping list!

  4. Hi Adrian,
    Thanks for the comment, let me know what you think if you try them!


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