5 Oct 2012

Cadbury's Crunchy Spiders

Here's something new from Cadbury's for Halloween, a spider with a chocolate body and cardboard legs, very cute or very hideous depending on your attitude towards spiders. They are a fairly decent size and come in at 155 calories each. Once unwrapped the chocolate has a few etchings to represent the hairy spider but otherwise it is fairly plain looking.

Inside though is where the real treat lies waiting. The inside is filled with crispy rice pieces that have been coloured green. The green colour is quite dark but it still pops against the dark brown chocolate. It's a fun product in the same way as the Cadbury's Screme Egg.

I wasn't expecting much from this chocolate, it's more of a kids novelty after all, but it was surprisingly tasty. The chocolate is creamy and really delivers a cocoa hit. I quite like chocolate bars with puffed rice anyway and this Crunchy Spider is no exception. The crunchiness of the rice works really well with the smooth chocolate. I prefer it to the overly sweet flavour of the Cadbury's Screme Egg.

They cost 65p each at the moment, or 2 for £1 in most places. There is also a pink wrapper version available, just in case you are too girly to handle this purple spider. I would definitely buy these again and will be stocking up if I see them going cheap after Halloween!


  1. These look so cute! I'll have to buy a few for my Trick or Treaters!

  2. They are inexplicably cute aren't they? But then I love Halloween stuff! Look out for a Halloween "makeover" of Grocery Gems coming up soon ;)


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