17 Oct 2012

Lucozade Pink Lemonade (Limited Edition)

Hot on the heels of the recent Limited Edition Lucozade Cola is the new Lucozade Pink Lemonade. I wasn't a fan of the Lucozade Cola, it had a watery flavour and was quite cheap tasting. There are such great brands of cola out there that the Lucozade Cola couldn't compete. Therefore I didn't have high hopes for Lucozade Pink Lemonade's taste but I'm glad to say that it exceeded my expectations. 

The idea of pink lemonade is very enticing to me. I remember as a child watching the scene in the Sound of Music where the Baroness drinks pink lemonade and I thought it was oh so sophisticated! Once poured I was glad to see that the Lucozade Pink Lemonade has the same lovely blush pink colour as the bottle. The drink is fizzy and very sweet as you would expect from a high glucose drink. For a "lemonade" drink it doesn't taste very strongly of lemons, which may be disappointing to lemon fans. It just has a soft fruity taste that is not immediately identifiable. The ingredients list the fruit juices (2%) as lemon, cranberry and raspberry. If you don't like your lemonade too "lemony" then this is the drink for you but lovers of real lemonade should probably steer clear.

Personally this has become my favourite Lucozade, it's just so refreshing and light. I have to admit I'm not the hugest fan of Lucozade drinks, especially the bright orange original stuff, but I can easily see myself grabbing a bottle of this Lucozade Pink Lemonade when I need a quick pick me up. There are 143 kcal in each 250ml, with each bottle containing 500ml, so it packs a fair amount of calories. Since a lot of people drink Lucozade when they are run down or recovering from illness (I know people who practically view Lucozade as medicine) then the high calories are not so bad.

Also I'm happy to announce that my Blog Award for most Bizarre Sounding Ingredient goes to Lucozade Pink Lemonade for the following ingredient: GLYCEROL ESTERS OF WOOD RESINS. I had no idea such a thing existed.

I bought the Lucozade Pink Lemonade in Sainsbury's for £1.15. Do let me know what you think of this drink by leaving a comment.


  1. I feel sorry for your teeth with all your reviews! but the bottle is quite cool!

  2. I like the sound of this. I've been trying a lot of Raspberry lemonades this week, I can't get enough of the stuff. It doesn't sound like the raspberry flavour is very strong in this drink but I expect it would make a nice change from all the Diet Coke that I usually drink so I will probably give it a go. Great review!

  3. Great review! I love Lucozade, especially the new ones they released recently. I enjoy drinking them after the gym. And my folks always took a bottle to the hospital for any sick relative! It's better than a bunch of grapes when you're feeling sick!

  4. Fantastic review! :) I really hope they continue it for a bit longer - I swear it tastes like liquefied Haribo!! XD

    1. That's a great description! Thanks for the comment :D

  5. I can almost feel my teeth dissolving when I drink this. But as it's in boots meal deal, I keep buying it

  6. The drink was so surprising and wonderful


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