13 Oct 2012

New Halloween Products Mega Post

Hotel Chocolat

To celebrate the Halloween makeover of Grocery Gems I thought I would do a post dedicated to some new Halloween products that have hit the supermarkets. In the US Halloween usually means Pumpkin Spice flavouring and more Pumpkin Spice flavouring. Here in the UK we like to do things a bit differently so let's say hello to anything with orange and green food colouring or packaging!

Here's a brief round up of some of the best Halloween products I have seen, they might have caught my eye because of the packaging or because of the new flavours. I will be reviewing most of these over the coming days!

Hula Hoops Sour Scream & Chive variety. See what they did there? Scream not cream, classic. Not a new flavour but I'm loving the dark green bags with shadowy spooky houses and witches. £1 in Sainsbury's.

Asda Halloween Gingerbread House Kit. A fabulous looking kit which is only £1 at the moment, instore at Asda. Such a great idea to take the Christmas gingerbread house and make it spooky! It comes with everything you need to make one haunted house. I know I'm going to have lots of fun with this one!

Frankie Fizz by Swizzel's Matlow. Sachets of Orange Flavour Fizz Dip with a Blackcurrant Flavour Lolly. These will turn your tongue black! £1.99 in TK Maxx.

Is it sensible to buy a product just based on it's shape? These Penn State Limited Edition Pretzels come in a Devil's Flame Roasted Chipotle Chilli flavouring which doesn't really appeal to me (I'm not a huge fan of chilli) but screw that, they are pretzels shaped like cobwebs!! How could I resist? Kudos to Penn State for eschewing the orange or green packaging and going for a regal purple cobweb look. Fantastic stuff. £1 at Asda.

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys 12 Slimey Limey Mini Cupcakes. With little Halloween decorations to cut out at the back of the box to decorate your cupcakes.  Also available in Spooky Choccy Orange flavour. £1 in most supermarkets.
Mr Kipling Shock & Orange slices. Also available from Mr. Kipling this Halloween; Frankenstein Fancies - they're green. Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies -they're orange. Available at Tesco's.

Pom-Bear Pickled Onion Potato Snacks with a special Halloween pack. They are still teddy bear shaped but the super cute packaging is perfect for little kids.

And lastly for the gourmets amongst us I love the look of the Halloween range from Hotel Chocolat, Halloween Bites H-Box Selection £12.00 pictured. Fantastic pumpkin and eye ball shaped chocolates!

What do you think of the Halloween ranges out there, have you seen anything that is a must-buy?


  1. Wow those Hotel Chocolat Halloween chocolates look amazing! I haven't been in there for ages so may have to pay them a visit.

    What flavours are the chocolates?

  2. Good question! They are described as "Zingy Zombie Eyes raspberry truffles; Soft Caramels; Gianduja Bombes; Praline Pumpkins; and a caramel chocolate Crystal Skull". Sounds fab to me!

    1. Wow they really do sound good! Especially the Zombie Eye raspberry truffles!

  3. Wow, I can't wait to see all the Halloween reviews in full.

    The website is looking great! :)

  4. Thank you so much Flipmode! Luckily for me I have a very talented brother who does all the design :)

    Pom-Bear review will be coming up tomorrow but I need to get my hands on one of these Hotel Chocolat boxes!

  5. I've got a Halloween feature coming over on my blog! With 20 companies involved. Love your blog! Especially the Halloween part, will be following. Good luck trying to get Hotel Chocolat to send some for review!!

    Jade from Unique Mummy Blog

  6. Hi Jade,
    Wow that sounds mega! Looking forward to reading it :)


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