4 Oct 2012

Almondy Toblerone Cake

Apologies if this is another old "new" product. I spotted this in Tesco's cake frozen section and for all I know it's been out for ages. I've tried the Almondy Daim cake before which is rather delicious. If you've ever visited an Ikea then chances are you'll have tried an Almondy cake, it's a Swedish concoction which was previously only available in Ikea restaurants and food sections. I used to go to Ikea just to stock up on this cake! It's well worth a try and is now easy to find in most Tesco's. It's an unusual gluten-free cake which is made using almonds rather than flour.

The Toblerone version looked quite promising on the packaging. I liked the thought of the chewy nougat chocolate mixed in with the almond base. It seemed like it could work well in the same way the chewy Daim bar pieces taste delicious in the Daim version. The Almondy Toblerone cake needs defrosting for only 20 minutes and then it's ready to eat. The cake looks nice, if a bit basic, once it was defrosted, but it does have a lovely golden brown colour.

But one of my mottos in life is "don't judge a cake by it's cover". Or something like that. Once sliced the cake tends to crack a bit, the outer chocolate layer is quite hard and brittle, so the individual slices ended up looking a bit mangled. It's not a huge mess but it's not that attractive either.

The overall taste of the cake is good and my kids certainly enjoyed it. The almond base is quite flaky but very delicious. The chocolate layer is also delicious. My only problem was that it didn't taste as good as the Almondy Daim version. The Toblerone doesn't seem to work as well here and we couldn't even taste any nougat crunch or flavour. There were hardly any Toblerone pieces even though it was described as "liberally sprinkled". I doubt I would even have guessed that this was a Toblerone themed cake if I hadn't seen the packaging. On top of the almond base is a pale creamy layer that was a bit bland. It didn't taste of chocolate or nougat. I much prefer the delicious almond caramel that covers the Almondy Daim cake. I think I will be sticking to the Daim version in future but this Almondy Toblerone was still a cake that we all enjoyed trying!

The Almondy Toblerone cake is vegetarian friendly and gluten free and is currently available in Tesco for the offer price of £2.00 (until 15/10/2012).

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  1. Have to agree with everything you say on the Almondy Toblerone. The box promises much, the contents fail to deliver. Eating it is a weird experience. It doesn't taste bad, it just doesn't taste as good as we were expecting it to.


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