31 Oct 2012

Penn State Pretzels Limited Edition Devil's Flame Roasted Chipotle Chilli

I absolutely loved the look of these Limited Edition Penn State Pretzels and I have to admit I bought them purely on looks alone. The flavour "Devil's Flame Roasted Chipotle Chilli" did not appeal to me at all. But the pretzels on the front of the packaging had such a fantastic cobweb shape I couldn't resist buying them anyway!

They certainly lived up to my expectations in the looks department. The cobweb shapes are fantastic! They are perfectly themed for Halloween and will look spookily fabulous for any kind of celebration. The taste however is not so scary. From the name "Devil's Flame" you might expect a seriously hot tasting pretzel. This is not the case at all, there is a very mild chilli taste with only a slight heat.

On the back of the packet it says "A subtly spicy flavour with a little extra bite!" which perfectly describes the flavour. They have quite a Mexican inspired flavour too which comes through the use of the chipotle chilli and other Tex-Mex type spices. The pretzels themselves have a great crunch but are not too hard. They do taste quite dry though so keep a drink to hand whilst eating these!

It's great to see a product that has not only changed it's flavour for Halloween but has also had a shape makeover to fit the theme! I hope Penn State continue to release seasonal varieties because these Limited Edition Devil's Flame Roasted Chipotle Chilli look and taste fantastic.

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