29 Oct 2012

Haribo Spooky Ghosts & Haribo cake range

You've got to hand it to Haribo, there's not a special event or season which gets past them without a new Haribo sweet to commemorate it. I've lost count of the "new" Haribo products I've seen since starting this blog. The flavours for these new Haribo Spooky Ghosts are fairly obvious. The white ghost has vanilla milkshake flavour. The orange ghosts tastes unsurprisingly of orange. The black ghost has a very sweet blackcurrant flavour. Nothing unusual there.

I bought these Haribo Spooky Ghosts purely because of their traditional Halloween colours; they will be perfect for decorating some Halloween cupcakes with my kids this half term. However it seems that Haribo has caught on to the fact that many people use their sweets as quick and easy decorations for cakes, as they have now launched their own range of Haribo covered cakes. So far I've seen three different varieties of these Haribo cakes:

Haribo Halloween Cauldron Cake (£7.00 Asda/Tesco)

Haribo Halloween Traybake Cake (£2.00 Tesco)

Haribo Halloween Cupcakes (£1.00 Asda/Tesco)

These all feature a Halloween theme but I wouldn't be surprised if Christmas Haribo cakes were soon to follow. They all look quite fun but I will be sticking to using Haribo to decorate my own Halloween cakes, it's even more fun that way!

Have you tried any of the new Haribo range? Let me know whether they are a "hit" or a "miss"!

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