28 Oct 2012

Milka Mousse: Pear and Almond

I couldn't resist buying this bar of Milka Mousse Pear and Almond chocolate when I saw it in a bargain store, it's such an unusual combination of flavours. These types of Milka bars are usually called Amavel but I have never seen this "Mousse" version for sale before, even though it is the same bar.

They come quite lavishly wrapped compared with other Milka bars I've tried. First there is a sophisticated cardboard outer box and inside is the gold foil wrapped chocolate. The whole package is also much thicker than a standard Milka chocolate bar.

The chocolate has quite an unusual triangle segmented shape which is typical of the Amavel range. It still breaks off in rectangles with two triangles to each rectangle. At this point I couldn't detect any smell of pears or almonds, just the rich Milka chocolate.

Inside the filling looks quite similar to any other truffle like chocolate. I don't know what I was expecting from the word "mousse" but in reality the texture is somewhere inbetween a truffle and a cream. If feels very soft and has a great melt in the mouth consistency. The colour of the inner mousse is slightly paler than the thicker outer chocolate covering.

Unfortunately there is no detectable almond taste in this bar, which only matters because Milka chose to call it "Pear and Almond". In fact there is a nutty taste to the chocolate but it is not almond. Like most Milka chocolates there is quite a strong hazelnut flavour throughout the chocolate itself which works well with the overall flavour. Luckily Milka did not hold back on the pear flavouring, it is very strong and just like a fully ripe sweet pear. The flavour of pear works well with chocolate as pastry chefs have known for years. I'm always glad to see a chocolate maker stepping beyond the usual orange or strawberry when dreaming up a fruit flavoured chocolate.

I bought the Milka Mousse Pear and Almond bar in a 99p Store, which is a complete bargain for this chocolate. They also had two other varieties of Milka Mousse available; Mousse au Praline and Mousse au Chocolat. These are both less exciting than the Pear and Almond but are still delicious. The Mousse au Praline in particular has a fantastic hazelnut flavour which compliments the Milka chocolate perfectly.

It's hard to tell from the minuscule writing on the back (which is all in a Cyrillic alphabet) where these bars originate but it is definitely somewhere in Eastern Europe. If you manage to find these bars then don't hesitate in giving them a try.


  1. Well, the Amavel range is divided in to Mousse, Konditorei and Praline sections in Germany. There used to be also a 50% Cocoa section and a Duo section, but unfortunately those were dropped :(

    However, there's only the Mousse section for Eastern Europe, so that's why they only have Mousse written on it.

    The Mousse Pear & Almond bar that I've tried at the beginning of the year looked just like the one in your pictures and it was made in Bulgaria.

    The first thing that caught my eye back then was the fact that it was 110g. When Milka launched the Amavel range (almost 4 years ago, I think), these bars were 160g (10 triangles then as well, only bigger). And the Amavel Mousse bars were still 160g at the end of last year/ beginning of this year in Germany (now it looks like they've shrunk to 110g everywhere), unlike this bar.

  2. Hi Ana, Thanks for your comment and all of the interesting information.

    I have seen the Amavel Mousse bars before but I've never seen them with only Mousse written on them. You're right the bars I have are all 110g. It's another case of shrinking chocolate!

    I had a feeling it was made in Bulgaria so thank you for clarifying that!


  3. I have to say I totally applaud you for being such a regular writer on your blog, you always have a new post up so you always give me something good to read, thank you!

    I cannot for the life of me remember if I tried the 'chocolate' or 'praline' version of this bar, but whichever it was, it was absolutely delicious and was demolished rather too quickly....
    Not quite sure how I'd feel about the inclusion of pear in a chocolate bar as it's probably the only fruit I don't like!

  4. What a bargain for this bar! I need to get round to trying some of the more exciting Milka bars, I love the sound of pear and chocolate which is a combination I don't think I have ever tried. That Praline one looks so good!


  5. This sounds great! Much more appealing than the Milka Amavel Torte I tried a while ago.
    I don't think I've ever tried pear and chocolate together before but it sounds delicious.

  6. Lucy - Thank you for those kind words and also for coming back to read my blog. It's always amazing to me that anyone is reading these ramblings of mine :)

    Hannah & Kev - It is quite a strange combination but it does work! It's very very sweet though.

  7. I am really gutted at not seeing this one out and about - what a brilliant find. I really need to try this!


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