18 Oct 2012

Milka Lila Stars Snax Hazelnut Chocolates

Another Milka Snax review! Today it's the turn of the Milka Lila Stars Snax, which is yet another chocolate my brother brought back from his travels. These are lovely little circular chocolates, each about the size of a Malteser, which come in the ever popular sharing bag format. The Milka Lila Stars Snax are filled with a delicious combination of milk chocolate, white chocolate, crispy cereal, which all culminate in a whole hazelnut encased in the centre.

There are lots of ingredients that taste fantastic with chocolate but one of the best surely has to be the hazelnut. From Nutella to Ferrero Rocher there is plenty of choice in the choco-hazelnut category. I didn't think there could be much to add that hasn't already been done before but after trying the Milka Lila Stars Snax I am completely hooked by these humble little chocolates.

There are lots of gorgeous treats packed into each individual chocolate. Once I cut a chocolate in half I could see all the well defined layers within, which looked like the rings of a tree. The Milka chocolate covering has a lovely depth of flavour, it's not one of those chocolate coatings that you can barely taste. Under the milk chocolate layer there is a separate white chocolate layer. This might look to be too thin to make any real impact but it does add a distinct sweet vanilla flavour. Then there is a layer of crispy cereal which has a nice crunchy texture. Lastly is the whole hazelnut which thankfully is full of flavour and just blends together with all the chocolate sweetness perfectly. It has a lovely crunch, possibly because of the crispy cereal layer encasing the hazelnut. Overall, it was a very enjoyable snack. I much prefer it to Ferrero Rocher which is the only chocolate I think it is similar to. 

If you are lucky enough to find these Milka Lila Stars Snax then do give them a go, they are definitely worth a try! I know they are available from an online Polish shop in the UK. And on the subject of Polish shops, I recently discovered a local one which sells lots of lovely Milka goodies for only 99p, they even had the Milka Milkinis which I have never seen in the UK before. Look out for a review of the New (I'm not sure how new!) Milka Almond coming up soon!

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  1. These look perfect for a cinema trip. Another great review!


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