15 Oct 2012

Pom-Bear Pickled Onion Potato Snacks

Back in May this year when I started this blog, my first ever review was for Pom-Bear potato snacks! Back then they had released a new Smoky Bacon flavour. Ah the good ol' days! This month Pom-Bear have released a new flavour and pack especially for Halloween. The new design is fantastic, it features a graveyard, gravestones, witches, bats, ghosts and a dracula bear but still manages to look super cute. If your kids are into Halloween then they will love the fun images. At only 96 calories per pack they are quite a good snack for adults too, as long as you don't feel embarrassed by eating teddy bear shaped crisps!

The pickled onion taste is very good. It's not as strong tasting as some other brands, and by that I mean it doesn't have that intense vinegar flavour that can sometimes be quite sour. That's not to say that these are bland tasting, they still have plenty of lovely pickled onion flavour but it's just a bit milder here. They are quite sweet tasting and will be great for kids of all ages.

The Pom-Bear Pickled Onion Halloween potato snacks are currently on offer for £1 in Tesco's (for a multipack of 6). All Pom-Bear crisps are free of artificial additives, colours, flavours or preservatives and are also gluten-free.  

Hands up if you are grown up and secretly enjoy Pom-Bears! What's your favourite Pom-Bear flavour?

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  1. Hi Katherine

    I didn't realise we started blogging around the same time!

    Anyway back on topic, I love Pom Bear and salt and vinegar are my favourite flavour. I reckon I would like the Pickled Onion flavour too! Will look out for these!



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