10 Oct 2012

Milka Milkinis

These Milkinis are part of a Milka mega stash my brother brought me back from his holidays. I've got my family well trained in chocolate buying! Most of the goodies he bought were products we have never tried before in casa Grocery Gems. These Milka Milkinis looked super cute, they came in a little cardboard tray with a whole row of these individually wrapped little chocolate bars inside.

Once unwrapped the little bar reveals itself to have four segments each with an adorable Milka cow printed onto the top. Inside the bar is a creamy white filling that is unsurprisingly milky and sweet. The ratio of filling to chocolate is quite low, there is only a thin layer. The overwhelming taste when eating one of these Milkinis is of the smooth Milka chocolate covering rather than the milky goodness inside.

Now let's address the rather large elephant in the room, and no it's not the Milka cow. These Milkinis are very similar, and by similar I mean almost identical, to the Kinder Mini Treats chocolates. They even come in the same cardboard tray with individual little bars of chocolate. You may know the Kinder Mini Treats from the packaging which features rather large photos of various children on the front. These have been available in UK shops for quite awhile. My Mum often brings these for my kids when she is visiting which makes her a very popular granny. But don't be put off by the packaging and think these are just for kids, even adults would love this chocolate, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

I'm not sure which came first: Milkinis or Mini Treat? I'm sure there is a simple answer out there somewhere but I'm not inclined to find out. Despite being a lovely little treat the Milka Milkinis is unfortunately not as tasty as it's distant cousin, the Kinder Mini Treat. The latter has a very thick layer of white filling which provides a much sweeter flavour and white chocolate hit. Since I also had a box of these at home I took a comparative photo where you can see that the Milkinis are flatter and provide less filling.

I'm still glad we got to try the Milkinis, they are a very cute snack with their little cows printed onto the chocolate. My kids enjoyed them and they all disappeared very quickly. I am sure we wouldn't say no to eating these again!


  1. I love these comparison shots! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I see you somehow found one with my face on it! Brilliant 😀


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