21 Oct 2012

Nutritious Delicious Truffles: Healthy Chocolates

When the lovely people at Nutritious Delicious asked me whether I would like to try out their healthy range of chocolate truffles, I jumped at the chance to try such an intriguing product. Although I often feature large mainstream brands on this blog one of my passions is finding those hidden gems that are not widely available. I especially love finding products that taste delicious but are also healthy; who doesn't?

Nutritious Delicious was founded with the aim of creating a chocolate, for adults and children, that is not only delicious, but also made using a range of "super food" and organic ingredients. Everyone knows that chocolate can be good for you, it's naturally full of antioxidants and minerals. Mass produced chocolates are often made with added ingredients such as vegetable oil and hydrogenated fats that diminish the health properties of the chocolate. Nutritious Delicious chocolates are made (by chocolate makers Montezuma's) with healthier ingredients such as maca powder, lacuma, carob, ginseng, agave nectar, sunflower seeds, coconut butter, almonds and of course cacao. Amongst other health benefits these ingredients are full of essential fats, zinc, iron, magnesium and Vitamin C.

I was very excited to find out that these chocolates are also vegan. Dairy free products are very important to me as my brother is a vegan (who still loves chocolate!). This means I've become well acquainted with the dairy-free chocolate market, which is fairly active these days. I invited my brother over for the all important taste test of the Nutritious Delicious truffles!

There are four varieties in the Nutritious Delicious Truffle range; Orange, Lime, Vanilla & Almond. Even though the box I received stated "Orange" on the packaging,  I actually received a selection of all four types. It's a good selection of flavours with something that will appeal to most people.

The chocolates all have the same rounded dome shape with a glossy dark brown colour. They are made up of a layer of thick dark chocolate covering a truffle centre.

They all look identical on the inside regardless of which flavour they are. The dark chocolate has a very pure and richly dark flavour. Even though it has an almost raw edge to it, the taste is still smooth and delicious, without a bitter aftertaste. The Vanilla truffles had the strongest chocolate taste, with a subtle vanilla flavour. Personally, I would have preferred a stronger vanilla flavour. The Almond truffles are very similar with a light nuttiness to the truffle. The main flavour in both of these is the deliciously strong chocolate.

The flavours really started to pop with the citrus varieties; Lime and Orange. These were the overwhelming favourites of everyone trying these chocolate. The citrus flavours work wonderfully with the dark chocolate, creating a natural fruity sweetness. The Orange truffles have a sweet but fresh orange flavour that doesn't have that awful artificial taste like most orange chocolates. The Lime Truffles also had a lovely fresh flavour and were hugely popular with us all, especially my children who loved them! I was quite surprised by how sweet all four varieties of these chocolates tasted, they are genuinely rich and decadent.

Overall, these were fantastic chocolates. They are tasty and packed full of healthy ingredients too. I liked the sleek black packaging too, this is definitely a box that would look great as a gift. If you are someone who is interested in nutrition, perhaps follow a vegan diet or are just a fan of dark chocolate in general, then I highly recommend them.

Nutritious Delicious Truffles are available on their website and cost £5.99 for a 130g bag.

You can also follow Nutritious Delicious on Twitter.


  1. What a cracking idea behind the brand- really nice to see.

    And even better that they taste nice too I guess haha.

  2. I have a few friends who exclusively eat dark chocolate. These will be finding their way in to Christmas stockings this year! Great review!

  3. These sound really interesting, I am pretty sure I would enjoy the vanilla, almond and orange ones and I am really intrigued by lime truffles!


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