31 Oct 2012

Frankie Fizz by Swizzel's Matlow

I loved this find from Swizzel's Matlow. The packaging looks fantastic and fun, with it's childish Frankenstein's monster, and bright colouring.  It's a massive bag which contains 20 individual sweet sachets. For my kids this was the highlight of all the Halloween products this year! Any trick or treaters at my door tonight will definitely be getting some of these Frankie Fizz.

Inside the individual sachets you get an orange flavour fizzy dip with a blackcurrant lolly. The orange dip is very sweet with a great sherbet fizz. The lolllipops are quite small but they are perfect for a sweet treat. They have a subtle fruity flavour but more importantly they turn your tongue black! Since my kids have never had sweets like Black Jacks (liquorice yuk!) this whole "tongue turning black" phenomenon was quite a revelation. Lots of tongue-sticking-out chaos ensued for quite a while after they tried these!

Even though these are a new product for 2012 they have a great retro feel to them and I'm sure that many adults would like to give these a try too! They also have no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians. I bought them from TK Maxx for £1.99 but they are also available at Asda.


  1. My kids got loads of these today whilst they were out trick and treating. It was their favourite sweet. Much better than chocolates.

  2. Lucky kids! I gave away a fair few today to trick-or-treaters. Hope you had a great Halloween :)


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