1 Jun 2013

Around the World: Indonesia - Kopiko Cappuccino Sweets

I've seen the Kopiko brand for sale in discount stores but never really taken a closer look at them until @Banjo_Chocolate kindly sent me one of their Cappuccino sweets as part of a larger parcel. Thank you BC and many apologies that this review is so late! What I didn't know is that Kopiko is actually the world's number one selling brand of coffee flavoured confectionery! The name Kopiko comes from a particular type of coffee plant that grows in Hawaii, but the brand itself originates in Indonesia, so is another great addition to my Around the World Challenge.

The easiest way to describe these sweets is as a coffee flavoured buttery sweet (similar to a Werther's Original). As it's a Cappuccino variety the flavour is extra creamy and delicious with a sweet and mild coffee edge. I'm quite fussy when it comes to coffee and I was pleased to find that the flavour here is of a good quality -  according to the Kopiko website they only use the finest Java coffee in their sweets and it shows.

For those that prefer a stronger coffee flavour there is also the original version Kopiko Coffee (the top pack in the photo), which has a higher caffeine content compared to the Cappuccino version. I'll definitely be giving those a try too!

Thank you again to @Banjo_Chocolate! Please check out the petition here to bring back the Banjo Chocolate bar - all the support is greatly appreciated! Further details about the campaign are on the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Kopiko Cappuccino

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available at 99p Stores.

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