6 Jun 2013

New & Limited Edition Müller Yogurts Megapost!

There are so many new additions and changes to the Müller yogurt range that I decided to put all my reviews and features in one mega post.

Müller Amore - Coconut & Vanilla:
One of my favourite yogurts at the moment is the Müller Light Greek Style Coconut & Vanilla - I just can't get enough of them! I was interested to try the same flavour in the newly relaunched Müller Amore range.

The Müller Amore yogurts now come in twin packs featuring an updated and even more luxurious design! There are two new flavours in the range; Peaches & Cream and this Coconut & Vanilla.

The yogurt is very creamy in consistency, with pieces of desiccated coconut and visible vanilla pod seeds throughout. The coconut flavour is strong and delicious, with the vanilla adding lots of extra sweetness. It's quite different enough from my favourite Müller Light Greek Style Coconut & Vanilla - much creamier and sweeter. I still prefer the super thick and tangy edge of the Greek style version but the Amore does make a lovely coconut treat.

Müller Little Stars Yogurt:
The Müller Little Stars range has also been revamped - gone are the cute fruity bugs from the packaging and in comes a sunny strawberry field scene. So far I've only seen these 4 x Strawberry Yogurts in the new packaging but there are also Little Stars Fromage Frais and Little Stars Jelly available too. They're all a source of calcium and contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Müller makes some of the tastiest yogurts around and the same goes for their kids range. These strawberry yogurts are completely smooth and my kids loved the sweet fruity flavour. I'd love to see these available in some other, more adventurous, flavours too!

Limited Edition Müller British Classics Corner:
I actually reviewed these last year (review here) but it looks like they were so popular that they're back for another year! There are two flavours in this British Classics release - Eton Mess and Apple Pie.

New Special Edition Müller Light Greek Style Tempting Toffee:
And back to the Müller Light Greek Style range which I mentioned at the beginning of this post. As one of my favourite yogurt ranges I'm very pleased about this new Tempting Toffee flavour. It isn't available until mid-August but as soon as I spot it I'll be sure to feature a review. I loved the recent Müller Light Frivolous Toffee dessert (review here) so I can't wait to give this Greek Style yogurt version a try!

I was sent some vouchers from Müller in order to purchase and review the Müller Little Stars but all opinions expressed are my own. 

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