25 Jun 2013

Around the World: Greece - Halva Cocoa Bar

Thank you once again to Hannah from The Review Addict who has been helping me in my Around the World snacking challenge, first by sending me a chocolate bar from South Africa (the Nestle Tex reviewed HERE) and now providing this Halva Cocoa Bar on behalf of Greece! This bar is made by a Greek company called Hai Foods who seem to specialise in these Halva bars and sesame products in general. Halva is a type of sweet confection, often made with tahini (sesame paste), and is popular across many parts of the world including, the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans.

I think it should get extra points in my Around the World challenge for having a Greek flag on the packaging!

The main ingredient of this Halva Cocoa Bar is the tahini, closely followed by various types of sugar, vegetable oil and cocoa (3%). It's a simply flavoured snack that has a very dry, crumbly, almost powdery texture.

The flavour is predominantly of the sugary tahini combination. It tastes very much like a sesame snap but in a much softer and less chewy form. At first there is a slight bitterness to the flavour from the tahini, but this seems to diminish as the sweetness builds. I couldn't taste much cocoa but I suspect it's inclusion probably helps to tone down the sharper edge of the tahini.

Thanks again to Hannah for sending me this bar!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Nestle Tex

RATING: 6 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Not for me but might be worth a try if you like tahini or sesame snacks.
Purchased: Available from Tesco World Foods section.

Nutrition: None given.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention and always happy to try and help the challenge!
    I have to say this sounds pretty rank, definitely not my cup of tea and sorry if it wasn't too tasty but hey at least you can tick Greece of the list lol.

    1. Thanks again for sending it Hannah! Don't worry because it's exactly the kind of thing I would have bought myself and like you say, at least it's another challenge down - yay! :D

  2. I tried this once. I spit it out right after I bit into it. Yuck.

    1. That would be the tahini flavour kicking in, it's quite bitter at first. It does get better but the taste is not for everyone :(

  3. Hmm not sure I like the sound of this one!

    1. Probably only worth trying if you are already a fan of tahini or halva!


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