3 Jun 2013

Limited Edition Magnum No. 5 Stolen Kiss Tarte Aux Pommes

I previously reviewed the new Magnum First Kiss Crème Brûlée here and I've been eager to try the other flavours in the Five Kisses range - the Magnum No.5 Stolen Kiss especially! It's described as a "vanilla ice cream, with apple sauce, nutmeg pastry pieces, coated in white chocolate with cinnamon". So far I've only seen the Magnum Stolen Kiss for sale in individual boxes, which means you'll need to look for it in smaller freezer cabinets in local shops or supermarkets.

The Magnum itself was slightly smaller than I was expecting, only 68g. Considering it cost £1.99 I was expecting a regular size Magnum. However, the white chocolate looked gorgeous, with generous amounts of fragrant cinnamon speckled throughout.The taste fully lived up to my high expectations for a cinnamon white chocolate, it's simply delicious - rich and creamy chocolate with lots of cinnamon spicy flavour. I could eat a whole bar of chocolate just like this!

The pastry pieces are doughy and delicious, with a little bit of spiced flavour too. They work well with the creamy vanilla ice cream that Magnum is so good at. The apple sauce and pieces were slightly less appetising, it's the kind of apple flavour you would find in something like a McDonald's or a Mr. Kipling Apple Pie. It's a little too artificial and sweet for my liking. However, I still preferred the overall flavours in this Tarte Aux Pommes to the previous Crème Brûlée version I reviewed, and I would buy it again just for the cinnamon white chocolate coating! It's very expensive for such a small ice cream but still worth a try at least once - I'd like to see this available in a multipack format too.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Magnum Stolen Kiss Tarte Aux Pommes

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes, I loved the outer chocolate.
: 210 calories.
Purchased: Tesco Express.
Price: £1.99p each.


  1. Yummy! I must say.

    University of Nigeria

  2. Thanks for the mention! I have to go out and try that Creme Brulee flavour, very curious about it!


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