26 Jun 2013

J&D's Malt Salt Review - No more soggy chips!

My local Tesco now has an American section in the World Foods aisle - finally! Hiding amongst the usual imports from the US of brightly coloured cereals, Pop Tarts and chocolate bars, were these small jars of J&D's Malt Salt. It's described as a "malt vinegar flavour sea salt" which will give chips all the tang and kick of malt vinegar without the soggy texture - "let's keep it crispy people". Sold!

Straight away there is a strong malt vinegar scent coming from the bottle - even before opening. Once I had taken a closer look I was surprised by the texture of the Malt Salt. It's a very fine powder rather than the table salt texture I was expecting. In the interests of this review I tried a little dab of the Malt Salt without any food just to test the saltiness. It tasted great, very salty and with a real vinegar kick to it. However, once on the actual chips it seemed to lose some of it's intensity. It gave the chips quite a light vinegar flavour and not much salt at all. I still think it's a fantastic product, but it didn't flavour the chips as much as good old salt and vinegar does!

The J&D's Malt Salt is made with all natural ingredients, including malt vinegar powder. Apparently it's great for making homemade salt and vinegar popcorn.

Grocery Gems Verdict: J&D's Malt Salt

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'd try J&D's Bacon Salt next.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £2.00p (85g jar).

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