30 Jun 2013

ChokaBlok Excrème Brûlée & Very Berry Eton Mess

ChokaBlok, exclusive to Tesco, is a range well known for it's decadent chocolate slabs and full on flavour combinations. I'm pleased to see that their chocolate creations are now available in smaller 80g bars for only £1.40 each. Hannah from The Review Addict, who is quite the ChokaBlok connoisseur, very kindly sent me two of these bars in the newest flavours to try - Excrème Brûlée & Very Berry Eton Mess.

ChokaBlok Excrème Brûlée

The ChokaBlok Excrème Brûlée has a fabulously sparkly look and manages to pack a whole lot of glam into one chocolate bar. It's a dessert inspired chocolate consisting of milk and white chocolate sections, swirled together in the middle, and studded with butterscotch pieces and gold dusted wafer.

Both the milk and white chocolate used here are deliciously creamy and satisfying. The milk chocolate especially acts as the perfect backdrop for the crunchy butterscotch. It gets progressively sweeter and creamier towards the white chocolate end, but still manages to provide a good balance between flavour and sweetness. The whole thing tastes superb and perfectly recreates a delicious crème brûlée experience in chocolate!

ChokaBlok Very Berry Eton Mess

I just adore the look of this ChokaBlok Very Berry Eton Mess - it's so girly! The bar is made up of one side of raspberry flavour pink chocolate, decorated with freeze dried berries, and one side of white chocolate, studded with meringue piece, which both meet in the middle in a pretty swirl.

The pink raspberry chocolate side of the bar is completely divine with a deliciously fruity flavour and added tangy flourish from the freeze dried raspberries and strawberries. The flavours all work so well together and even my hubby, who's not a fan of fruit flavoured chocolate, enjoyed this one immensely. The white chocolate side doesn't quite reach the same outstanding heights, although it's still very good. It's a very tasty and creamy white chocolate but the meringue pieces just make it a tad too crunchy and sweet.

Overall these are fantastic chocolate bars and a great introduction to the ChokaBlok range!

Grocery Gems Verdict: ChokaBlok Excrème Brûlée & Very Berry Eton Mess

RATING: Excrème Brûlée - 9 out of 10, Very Berry Eton Mess - 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes!
: 110 calories per 20g (1/4 of bar).

Vegetarian: Yes.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £1.40p.


  1. So glad you enjoyed them and thank you so much for the mention! x

  2. oh yum the brulée one looks incredible!


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