2 Jun 2013

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

I was sent these Twizzlers Rainbow Twists to review by Monster Sweets, and they're exactly the kind of product I would be tempted to buy from a US import store. I love how bright the colours are - they're just so different to anything we can normally get in the UK.

Each colour of the rainbow represents a different flavour; Strawberry (red), Orange (orange), Lemonade (yellow), Watermelon (green), Blue Raspberry (blue) and Grape (purple). All "artificially flavoured" as the packet proudly states on the front - and artificially coloured too.

It has to be said though that the appearance of these Rainbow Twizzlers is fantastic, the vibrant colours are just stunning! The Twizzlers are all kind of stuck together but very easy to pull apart. I cut across the tubes to create a little sections that had all the different colours attached (see photo below). That way everyone could get a taste of each colour. I think sliced this way, they would also make great decorations for the tops of cupcakes or even a rainbow cake.

The flavour in these is not the best, but it's not terrible either. They're all very sweet and vaguely fruity but quite bland and artificial at the same time. The Strawberry had a lovely fruity smell but the flavour left a slightly bitter aftertaste. The orange had the most fruity flavour and was my favourite of the six. The lemonade was quite lemony but in an artificial way. The Watermelon did actually taste of a sweet melon and was my second favourite of the bunch. The Grape reminds me of grape flavoured sodas, it's not really my thing but it's well done here. The Blue Raspberry has that bright blue colour that kids will love, but the flavour is probably the most artificial of the bunch. Having said all that, we still enjoyed working our way through all the flavours and we loved their exceptionally bright colours!

Monster Sweets kindly sent me this product for an honest review but all views expressed are my own.   

Grocery Gems Verdict: Twizzlers Rainbow Twist

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - even if it's just for cake decorating!
Price: £1.40p.

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  1. Yeek!! I had a taste of the strawberry twizzlers. I did not like them one bit...! Very, very artificial.


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